Candidate for NCR Regional Director – Dave Sutherland

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Candidate for NCR Regional Director

Dave Sutherland

(Regular member)

Fellow NCR members,

I’m seeking your support to represent you for a second term as Regional Director on the PIPSC Board of Directors.

I have been a member of the Institute for over 21 years working as a CS at National Defence and I’ve been a Steward representing my fellow members for over 17 years.

During my first term as an NCR Director, I actively sought out opportunities to gain knowledge and experience within the Institute while working to improve services for our members. I served on the various Board Committees including the Executive Compensation, AGM Task Force, and Orientation for new Board Members. I worked with our Young Professional Network to find new ways to engage and support the needs of these members while attempting to create capacity and opportunities for them.      

Shortly over one year into my term as a Director the Pandemic struck and we all had to shift our focus, priorities, and lives to adapt. Taking care of our families and those around us became everyone’s top priority. Remote work has had a huge impact on all of us. Our members proved overwhelmingly they could adapt to this change, in most cases proving more efficient at work because they’re able to tend to their families. We pushed technology ahead years and we have seen a shift in many departments who now are open to remote work and flexible work arrangements. 

You can count me in the group who is tired of attending everything virtually. I’m a people person, who enjoys bringing people together. I miss seeing everyone and you can bet that I will work to ensure that as soon as it’s safe to get together – WE WILL. I also understand there are those who’ve benefited attending sessions and events virtually, who in the past may not have been able to attend. I’ll support bringing people together in-person while encouraging increased capacity and opportunities for those who prefer to attend virtually.  

Members of the PS have always been proficient at adapting to change, often the ones pushing for it! 

We still have some uncertain times ahead and whether you re-elect me or not I will continue to work with you, as well as our Group Leaders and Consultation Teams to ensure the needs and rights of our membership are met and protected.  

Let me continue to be your voice.

Dave Sutherland

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