Candidate for NCR Regional Director – Sherry Oake

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Candidate for NCR Regional Director

Sherry Oake

(Regular member)

I am standing for election as a Director of the National Capital Region.  Wherever I have lived in my career, I’ve worked with many community organizations; as a front-line worker, on committees, and as a Board Director.

PIPSC is for You

All members should feel welcome in our union, and able to participate as much as they desire.  The needs of our members are as vast and wide as this country!  

  • We have many different employers 
  • We are shift workers, regular day workers, and retirees  
  • We fill front-line positions, back-office support, and management roles
  • We work and live in big cities, small towns, and remote regions  

Whatever we do, and wherever we are, we are professionals who serve others every day.  And you deserve an Institute that puts your needs first!  

Whether a concern is in the workplace, at Consultation, or Bargaining, you should feel confident that your issue will be heard, understood, and addressed.

Working for You

I have been a PIPSC Steward, a Sub-Group President, and Executive of the NCR Region.  In each of these roles I put the needs of the members first when there are decisions to be made.  I have challenged senior management in the workplace and achieved the changes I sought to make things better for our members.  I am happy to roll up my sleeves and get to work on any issue; whether it be creating a training package we need, running an event, or digging into a complicated policy or investigation report. 

Leadership for You

My leadership philosophy is to maximize the personal agency of each and every member.  We need to capitalize on the experience and expertise of our members and their many talents.  At the same time, we must have the right staff in place to support our members when needed.  This means a critical look at where we can improve, for the benefit of our members.

Governing for You

Large corporations require strategic guidance and are expected to meet clear performance metrics, while maintaining flexibility to meet members’ needs.  With my experience in different styles of management and governance, I can bring alternative approaches to issues that may confront us as an Institute. 

With your vote, I will put my skills to work at the strategic national level of PIPSC to meet your needs.

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