Candidate for NCR Regional Director – Mark Muench

The views expressed in this biography are those of the candidate and do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of PIPSC.


Candidate for NCR Regional Director

Mark Muench

(Regular member)

I am asking for your support in this election.  I would like the opportunity to serve all PIPSC members in the NCR by sharing the experience I have gained over the last fourteen years.  I promise to serve all PIPSC NCR members with the same passion that I have my AFS members.  

If elected NCR Director, I will:

  • Work to protect our pension plan
  • Work hard to achieve better health care benefits for our membership
  • Work to improved remote working options and a better work life balance
  • Work for fair and open staffing processes 
  • Be compassionate toward those who continue to struggle with mental health issues.
  • Be professional and respectful of my fellow brothers and sisters.

I have been a PIPSC Union steward since 2007 and I have passionately served our members.  I have been involved with PIPSC at many levels and have the following experience:

  • 2008 to 2012, I was Co-Chair of the CRA ITB Health and Safety Committee
  • 2009 to 2014, I was Vice President of the AFS IT Sub-Group
  • June 2016, I was elected AFS CS National Consultation Representative (Current)
  • June 2016, I joined the AFS Bargaining Team (Current).  Successfully negotiated two contracts achieving significant improvements to our Collective Agreements. 
  • July 2017, I became the AFS Phoenix/Compensation coordinator (Current).  I have assisted in resolving hundreds of serious pay issues for our PIPSC members.
  • July 2018, I joined the PIPSC Advisory Council
  • December 2018, I was elected AFS Vice President.  
  • December 2018, I joined the PIPSC Working Group on Consultation (Current)
  •  March 2020, I pushed for the formation of a committee in the CRA’s IT branch to address the Black Lives Matters concerns and insisted the committee be led by members of our Black Community. I currently sit as an observer.
  • I currently Chair the AFS By-Laws Sub-Committee and the AFS IT Sub-Committee

If you want a director with proven experience and a passion for helping others, then I hope you will consider me as your choice for NCR Director.

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