Candidate for Atlantic Regional Director – Emmanuel Costain

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Candidate for Atlantic Regional Director

Emmanuel Costain

(Regular member)


For those who may not know me my name is Emmanuel Costain however everyone knows me as Manny. I am asking for your support in my candidacy to become Atlantic Regional Director.

I have been a steward since 2005 and am a member of the PEI Branch and the Summerside AFS Sub Group. I have served on many constituent body executives over the years. Of note I have served in the following capacities:

Atlantic Region Executive Member 2012-2019
Atlantic Region Vice-Chair 2015-2019
Atlantic Region Resolutions Sub Committee member 2012-2019 (Chair 2012-2015)

AFS CS Regional Representative 2014 to present
AFS Bargaining Team Member 2014 to present
AFS Secretary 2015-2021
AFS Chief Steward 2019-2021

I have always tried to help everyone regardless of group or classification. For example, when I was first elected to the Atlantic Regional Executive there was no representation of the NB Groups. I took it upon myself to contact each NB Group President to ensure their concerns were brought to the regional table. I was also a big proponent of re-establishing the Fredericton office to help those NB Groups.

I believe in inclusion and I feel that we need to improve in this area. Whether you are a member of a large Treasury Board group or a small separate employer group, there is a place for you. You matter. Your concerns matter and if elected you will be heard. No member should feel like they are paying dues to an organization yet do not feel heard and respected.

I believe in transparency. Unless informed that specific information is contained to the Board of Directors I will share everything that I can with you. I will also work with the Regional Executive to make decisions that impact the region. I do not believe that a leader should be making decisions solely on their own.

I pledge that I will use both official languages when speaking at events when both Anglophones and Francophones are in attendance. We live and work in a bilingual region so I believe it is only fair to use both languages.

If elected, I pledge to be a Regional Director that you can count on. I will always advocate for the members of the Atlantic Region. I will ensure that your concerns are heard. I will be open and transparent with you.

I humbly ask for your support.

Emmanuel “Manny” Costain

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