Candidate for Ontario Regional Director – John Purdie

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Candidate for Ontario Regional Director

John Purdie

(Regular member)

  • Vote for experience

I pledge to uphold your highest moral and ethical standards while offering professionalism and dedication to the position of Ontario Director.  I will protect your pension, fight outsourcing, promote health and safety in the workplace, lobby for higher wages and up to date benefits and a more inclusive and representative workplace.  Work with all Groups and Regions within PIPSC for member transparency, financial responsibility and advocacy for members.  

Why does 21 years of experience matter?  A Steward who advocated for members against the employer has taught me what is important to you and where the battle exists.  Serving members at the Group, Region and PIPSC levels provide the knowledge on how to listen to members and how to get things done at all levels of PIPSC.

  • Ontario Regional Executive – Vice Chair, Chair Regional Council (2014 -2021) 
  • Essex-Kent Branch - President & Treasurer (2001 – 2021)
  • Windsor AFS Sub group – President, Treasurer, member at large (2001 – 2021)
  • PIPSC Bylaw and Policy Committee (2016-2021)
  • PIPSC AGM Parliamentarian (2016)
  • PIPSC Resolution sub-committee (2017 - 2021)
  • PIPSC Steward of the year (2008)  
  • Steward for 21 years (2000 – 2021)

Our members deserve a Director with a proven track record in the fight for your rights and a strong voice in PIPSC.  I will promote a PIPSC to be proud of. Please support me as your Director during elections, vote for experience! Together we will make a difference.

In solidarity

John Purdie 

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