Candidate for BC/Yukon Regional Director – Kal Sahota

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Candidate for BC/Yukon Regional Director

Kal Sahota

(Retired member)

I am asking for your support to elect me as the BC Yukon Regional Director so that we can advance the interests of all PIPSC members forward with a respectful, collaborative and positive approach. 

I firmly believe that unions exist solely to serve the interests of their members, I got involved in union activities to further those interests. Over the years I have worked to ensure both our employer and our union officials are accountable.  I have a strong record and results advocating for all PIPSC members, for a union that is both financially and democratically sound, transparent, and accountable to the members. 

Members know my work.  I am passionate about what I do and sharing that passion and knowledge. I always keep my word and follow through with commitments made to members. I can be counted on to do what I believe is in the best interests of PIPSC members.

Below is a list of some of my accomplishments: 

2014  BC Yukon Region Steward of the Year 

2012 – 2015  PIPSC BC Yukon AFS Region Representative 

2014 – 2015  Member, AFS Group Negotiating/Bargaining team 

2011 – 2015  Chair, BC/ Yukon Regional Executive 

2012 - 2013  Member, Finance Committee for PIPSC Board of Directors 

2012 - Present  President, Vancouver CRA Branch 

2008 - 2015  Vancouver AFS Sub-Group Executive 

2014 - 2015  AFS Group Employment Equity Committee 

I Retired after working at CRA and its predecessor organizations for over 31 years, 21 years in the AU auditor classification.  I am a Chartered Professional Accountant in good standing.

I represented members as an active steward for more than twelve years. I represented and resolved a wide range of member issues both formally (i.e. grievances up to and including adjudication) and informally. I will use this experience to provide support to all constituent bodies and members in this region to help move issues forward with your respective employer and PIPSC.  My experience on the BC Yukon Regional Executive has helped in raising my awareness of issues faced by members of a wide variety of federal employers in this region.

I am asking for your support and vote.  I want to be our region's strong and effective representative, and to advocate on your behalf at the PIPSC Board table.  Make your one vote count with me!

I want to hear your questions and concerns, you can contact me by email at

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