Candidate for Vice-President (Full-Time) – Jennie Esnard

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Candidate for Vice-President (Full-Time)

Jennie Esnard

(Regular member)

Seeing the need for continued diversity and inclusiveness at PIPSC, I feel called to run for the position of Full Time Vice-President.  PIPSC organization is a union that represents professionals, so recent statements like “Professionalism constitutes submissiveness”, goes against my beliefs and in fact shakes me to the core. This is very much far from the truth. We as a union need to be more vocal and firmly UNITED. 

As a current Regional Director (NCR) My passion is for PIPSC and the work it does to support our members’ rights. I strive for equality and my charitable work allows me to invest in my community. I will work tirelessly for a cause that I believe in.

As the Chair of the Human Rights and Diversity Committee – we’ve seen much change. Establishing caucuses such as (Indigenous, Black, Women LGBTQ2+ Disabilities, Francophone) there is much more that needs to be done to support these initiatives. We need more members to participate.

I am university educated and a professional actor, starring in both feature films and Tony award winning Broadway productions.  As a member of several unions My demeanor is one of calmness, approachable and open. No issue is too small nor too big. I welcome feedback and input. 

Somewhere along the way, in my opinion, we (PIPSC) got stuck and the time has come to move forward with member engagement. "WE need to move away from the “same old same old” When I decided to really get involved, I was greeted by the some of the most active members who welcomed me and encouraged me to lend a hand and I in turn did the same. I am asking you to get involved. 

At this time the Employee Wellness Program is on hold. It should have never been placed on hold. Our healthcare plan needs a full overhaul. The limits were established back in the nineties the cost of living and fees for service far outpace the current plan.

I am determined and will remain focused on achieving positive outcomes for our members. I take pride in being impartial, courageous, enthusiastic, and easy to approach. My goal as a member of the board is to ensure that your voice is HEARD and represented. We NEED to work as one by keeping our membership informed and engaged. #equalpayforequalwork #unionmatters #worktogetherasone

PLEASE VOTE FOR Jennie Esnard 

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