Candidate for Prairie/NWT Regional Director – Samah Henein

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Candidate for Prairie/NWT Regional Director

Samah Henein

(Regular member)

I have worked with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) since 2005. Currently, I work as Financial Reviewer in the Scientific Research and Development Division, which supports Canadian research, stimulating our economy. 

My greatest accomplishment is being a mother to three caring and gifted children.  I am proud to say that while facing many obstacles, I have always been resilient and found ways to reach my personal and career goals.

One of my major inspirations in life is my mother. She worked in a male dominated factory and struggled with representation and recognition. Through her union involvement, she persistently fought for equality and fair treatment. Following her footsteps, I decided to be a part of my union rather than be a spectator. 

I have found PIPSC to be a tremendous experience regarding the education of our rights and responsibilities. Through my learnings, I had the privilege of using the union’s tools and resources to help members achieve work satisfaction and feel supported.

My achievements include:

  • Organizing stewards training.
  • Winning staffing grievances and facilitating members promotion.
  • Stopping human rights violations.
  • Assisting members experiencing workplace violence, and harassments by taking care of their wellbeing through support, encouragement, and relocation.  
  • Correcting performance evaluations to objectively reflect performances. 
  • Empowering employees to speak up about mental health struggles and seek resources.
  • Achieving reasonable accommodation and reaching fair disciplinary outcomes.
  • Lobbying the government members important issues.
  • Increasing member engagement and recruiting stewards. 
  • Dealing amicably and objectively with members, executives, union staff, and employer.

It has been an honour to represent members as a:

Vice Chair Prairie-NWT 2019-present

Chair Prairie-NWT Training Committee 2020-present Member Training Education and Mentoring Committee 2020-present

Member Canadian Labour Congress Disability Working Group 2019-present President Calgary Branch 2018-present Steward 2015-present Member Human Rights and Diversity Committee 2017-2020 Executive Prairie-NWT 2017-2019 Member CRA subgroup 2016-2018

To me, a better Canada is where everyone matters. 

Our union must use an inclusive and diverse lens and should strive to fight for equality and social justice.

I care deeply about your rights, and I am committed to a fair and safe union and workplace. 

I appreciate your trust and hope to soon represent you as regional director.

I wish you a safe and healthy future.


Samah Henein, CGA CPA

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