Candidate for Vice-President (Part-Time) – Eva Henshaw

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Candidate for Vice-President (Part-Time)

Eva Henshaw

(Regular member)

Dear Institute member,

An election is an opportunity to decide and make change, and with that I offer to you my name for the position of Part-Time Vice President for our Union. I humbly request your support to expand my work with the Institute as a Board member to serve you.

I want to bring my experience, knowledge and skill-set to the leadership at PIPSC in order to bring real change to our Union.  I believe our Union needs to do better as well as our employer and I am dedicated to such a challenge. Our member engagement needs to rise and conquer the challenge that it faces with an ever-growing number of our membership working from home.  

I want to join other board members in taking stronger action to protect what is so important to our members such as our pension, our work so it is not contracted out, our health benefits, our collective agreements, etc.  I believe the leadership at the Board has to take a larger role in running the Institute and ensure that our staff is able to assist our activists and stewards in delivering top notch services and support.  In order to move forward, we need to get back to the grass roots of our Union, to reconnect with our Stewards, to assure Group autonomy is upheld, revitalize the regions, give a stronger voice to our advisory council, and assist our consultation representatives in improving communications and resolutions with the employer.

My experience throughout my career as a Union activist includes the following:

Steward since 2006: representing members in classification grievances, job content grievances, performance evaluations, work force adjustment, harassment complaints, discipline, etc.

CS Group National Executive since 2013

CS Bargaining Team member for last two rounds

Employee Wellness Support Plan Technical Committee and Advisory Team representative

Contracting Out Representative for CS Group and Point of Contact for the Institute

President of the Annapolis Valley CS Sub-Group

Vice-President of Greenwood Branch

National Defence National Consultation Team Representative

Find out more about my experiences and involvement, details of when we can talk or how to contact me at

It is time for real change in our Union and I humbly offer my dedication and work ethic in accomplishing just that for the next three years.  Thank you for taking the time to vote in this election.   Please stay safe and healthy.

Eva Henshaw

PIPSC Regular Member

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