Candidate for President – Stéphane Aubry

The views expressed in this biography are those of the candidate and do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of PIPSC.


Candidate for President

Stéphane Aubry

(Regular member)


If you are reading this, you know that I am running for President of our union.

After 100 years of serving our members, our organization needs to be modernized to become more relevant and transparent. Some of our practices need to be adapted to a post-pandemic reality in order to better serve and support our members.

I congratulate the frontline workers as well as our members for finding creative ways to adapt to the challenges and new work environments during the pandemic. You have paved the way toward this new reality. Teleworking, virtual supervision, artificial intelligence and new health measures will be part of the future of work. 

After this federal election, we must remind the government that the public service must continue to be a model of excellence for the whole world and ensure the best working conditions for all Canadian workers.

I became involved in PIPSC for the first time in 2006 because I believe that your working conditions can be improved. I was elected Part-Time Vice-President 7 years ago and made the leap to serve you full time in 2018.

I cherished the time I spent working under President Debi Daviau. I learned a lot from her and often took the reins in her absence. As a member of the Board of Directors, we faced significant challenges, and some pitfalls. We took difficult decisions, but we moved forward and made progress. 

  • We implemented safe practices for our members and staff during the pandemic. 
  • We went through a round of negotiations, making good gains without losing any benefits.
  • I led the efforts to get the federal government to fix the issues with the Phoenix pay system as quickly as possible while continuing to help develop a new HR pay system. 

PIPSC needs leaders who will advance the collective interests of all workers.

I need your help and support to ensure that our union continues to serve our members—and you. 

I am committed to working together and moving forward. I learn from past experience and forge ahead with innovative solutions for our organization. I want our Board members to lead this transformation and lead by example by working together toward a common goal. I am ready and I would be proud to see this project through.

Vote for Stéphane Aubry!

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