21 June 2019
This agreement must be ratified by the RO/RCO membership.
6 June 2019
NRC-RO-RCO Bargaining Update – RO RCO reaches tentative deal with NRC After intense negotiations, the RO RCO bargaining team is pleased to announce that we signed a tentative agreement with the NRC for this round of bargaining on June 3, 2019.This agreement was achieved
8 May 2019
The PIPSC-RCEA WFA bargaining team met with the employer April 15-16, 2019. Unfortunately, the employer had still not received their approved mandate from Treasury Board. Despite this limitation, the employer was able to share their perspective and the direction of proposed changes.
18 April 2019
Our latest collective agreement expired on July 19, 2018.
15 April 2019
RO/RCO Group Member Invite 2019 April Meeting London Hello RO/RCO colleagues, The RO/RCO Group executive will be meeting in London on Friday, April 26. We will be hosting a lunch for RO/RCO members at noon in meeting room 106B at NRC London.
6 March 2019
PIPSC NRC Newsletter March 2019 RO/RCO Group Research Officers and Research Council Officers Group Executive Members (2019) President Cathy Cheung Ottawa Vice-President Craig Bihun Ottawa
19 December 2018
After over a year of delays from NRC, PIPSC and RCEA met with the employer on Thursday December 13th. The employer had not yet received their mandate, and therefore the discussion was somewhat limited but productive nonetheless. High level conversations covered each side's concerns.
18 December 2018
Prior to the Group AGM, there were eight vacancies and six nominations were received. All nominations were reviewed and deemed eligible. As a result Feng Ni, Cathy Cheung, Keith Yeung, Stephan Grosse, Craig Bihun and Patricia Loder were elected by acclimation.
14 December 2018
Friday, December 7th was the implementation deadline for NRC management to issue your retroactive pay and implement the new pay scale. That date was, according to the new collective agreement, 120 days after the new contract was signed (August 9, 2018).
28 November 2018
The NRC-RO/RCO Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Friday, December 7th, 2018 at the M-50 Auditorium, 1200 Montreal Road, Ottawa.
31 October 2018
You are invited to participate in the election of the NRC RO/RCO Executive, which is comprised of members like you who will work to enhance your terms and conditions of employment.
30 August 2018
Collective bargaining update: I am pleased to report that the last round of collective bargaining has now concluded with the signing of the Collective Agreement on August 9, 2018.  NRC now has 120 days to implement the changes including issuing retroactive pay and updating salary rates.
17 August 2018
Following the ratification by RO RCO members on June 8, 2018 a flurry of activity has been happening over the summer with your contract.  The NRC during this time had to obtain Governor in Council (Cabinet) approval, followed by translation and thorough review of the text by both parties. 
20 June 2018
Committee on Occupational Safety and Health (COSH) Nomination Form Regular PIPSC Members can nominate themselves as employee representative or employee co-chair of the PIPSC Committee on Occupational Safety and Health (COSH). Complete the form below to submit your nomination.
12 June 2018
Call for participation for the next round of bargaining We are starting preparations for the next round of bargaining and are calling out for volunteers to serve on the RO/RCO bargaining team.
11 June 2018
We are pleased to announce that the RO/RCO group has ratified the collective agreement.  Just as we have completed our ratification process, the NRC is concurrently engaging in its ratification process.
31 May 2018
PIPSC NRC Newsletter February 2018 - RO/RCO Group
18 May 2018
This agreement must be ratified by the RO/RCO membership. An electronic vote will be held in order to ratify the agreement. Only members in good standing will receive by e-mail the voting instructions and a voting code during a two (2) week period beginning May 25th, 2018.
10 May 2018
We recently shared the good news that on March 29, 2018, your bargaining team reached a tentative agreement with NRC management for the NRC RO/RCO group.
10 April 2018
We have a deal! Tentative agreement reached for the NRC RO/RCO contract Dear NRC RO/RCO members:
27 March 2018
It was a beautiful, albeit cool, first day of spring on the NRC Montreal Road Campus in Ottawa so members of the PIPSC RO/RCO Group gathered for a hot drink and a photo-op. This “Spring into Action” event was organized to show support for the bargaining team who are in session next week.
9 March 2018
Support for your RO/RCO bargaining team! On February 20, 21 and 22 your NRC your RO/RCO negotiating team met with NRC management in Ottawa for the third round of contract negotiations. The parties have exchanged and discussed wage demands.
15 February 2018
Dear RO/RCO colleagues, Since we wrote to you in December after our last negotiations with NRC management, your RO/RCO group bargaining team has been busy preparing for the next bargaining sessions scheduled for February 20-22, 2018 at the PIPSC office in Ottawa.
12 February 2018
Report: A total of three (3) completed nomination forms were received by Brigitte Jolin of PIPSC by the submission deadline, December 7, 2017 @ 3pm. Each form was independently validated in accordance with our current bylaws. Therefore, these three candidates stood for election.
15 December 2017
On December 5, 6 and 7, your RO/RCO negotiating team met with NRC management in Ottawa for the second round of contract negotiations. Each day, local RO/RCO members met the team for lunch at the cafeteria in building M55 to show their support.
15 December 2017
PIPSC NRC RO/RCO Bargaining Update, December 11, 2017 Dear RO/RCO colleagues,
15 November 2017
For more info on any of these items, contact the group executive:
9 November 2017
NRC RO/RCO Group: Nomination Call for Executive Committee Member Candidates 26 October 2017
9 November 2017
NRC RO/RCO Group AGM Dec. 8 - NSERC President The NRC RO/RCO Group Annual General Meeting will be held at noon Eastern time on Friday, December 8, 2017 in the auditorium of building M-50 at the NRC Montreal Road campus in Ottawa.
3 November 2017
PREAMBLE1 These By-Laws, in general, pertain to matters of Sub-Group organization not covered by the By-Laws and Regulations of The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada or of the National Research Council Research Officers and Research Council Office
3 November 2017
Our RO/RCO bargaining team including our PIPSC negotiator met with NRC management on October 11 and 12. As we wrote in our last update, the bargaining meeting focused on the non-monetary items on our list of demands; pay negotiations will start at a later date.
3 October 2017
As we wrote last week, our RO/RCO bargaining team will be meeting to negotiate with NRC management for a new collective agreement on October 11 and 12. At this meeting we will be negotiating the non-financial items on our list of demands (such as conference attendence and a number of other items our members asked us to include in the new collective agreement).
21 September 2017
Dear colleagues, We are ready to bargain. NRC management said they will send their bargaining position to us this week. As you know from our last updates, we have our demands ready and are keen to get started.
15 August 2017
Currently more than 1,500 RO/RCO staff work at the National Research Council -- in the Research Divisions, IRAP, Business Management Services, and Corporate services. Everyone in the NRC RO/RCO group is represented by the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC).
4 August 2017
PIPSC NRC Newsletter July 2017 RO/RCO Group  Research Officers and Research Council Officers Group Executive Members (2017)      President - Susan O’Donnell    - Fredericton
6 April 2017
Dear colleagues, Our February RO/RCO newsletter included a bargaining update with the results of negotiations with other PIPSC science and research groups in the federal government. You can access the newsletter from our RO/RCO web page: