NRC-RO-RCO Collective Agreement Signed – August 2018

Following the ratification by RO RCO members on June 8, 2018 a flurry of activity has been happening over the summer with your contract.  The NRC during this time had to obtain Governor in Council (Cabinet) approval, followed by translation and thorough review of the text by both parties. 

We’re pleased to announce that on August 9, 2018, the RO RCO Collective Agreement was signed by the employer and the Institute.  All changes to the collective agreement take effect from this date. The employer now has 120 days from this signature date to implement the terms of the new agreement, including retroactive pay.

The RO RCO bargaining team would like to thank the RO RCO members for their solidarity and support throughout the course of these negotiations. 


In Solidarity,
Your RO RCO Bargaining Team
Susan O'Donnell, Cathy Cheung, Daniel Durand, Craig Bihun, Jeff Zidichouski, and Nick Pernal (PIPSC negotiator)