NRC-RO-RCO Bargaining Update – RO RCO reaches tentative deal with NRC

After intense negotiations, the RO RCO bargaining team is pleased to announce that we signed a tentative agreement with the NRC for this round of bargaining on June 3, 2019.This agreement was achieved following our sessions with the employer’s negotiating team on April 24-25, 2019 and then May 27-29, 2019 in Ottawa.

This agreement includes elements that were attained at the Treasury Board central table negotiations, including 7% economic increase over 4 years (2%, 2%, 1.5%, 1.5%) with an additional total market adjustment spread over the first 2 years of the contract (0.8% in the first year and 0.2% in the second year).

We also now have provisions on leave for domestic violence, updates to the Appendices on Research & Scientific Integrity and on Employee Wellness, as well as a commitment to bring gender inclusive language in the collective agreement. In addition, we agreed to jointly review the RO RCO compensation system with NRC (including the double bar) and to reduce the probationary period for new continuing employees.

Full details of the agreement will be provided in a ratification package, which will be posted shortly. Keep an eye out on this page or your email!

Your bargaining team will host several telephone town halls to discuss the details of this tentative agreement, after which RO RCO members will have the opportunity to vote on the package.

We would like to thank you for your support of the bargaining team over the last few months.

In solidarity,

Your RO RCO bargaining team

(Cathy Cheung, Craig Bihun, Christa Homenick, Tom O’Rourke, Nicholas Pernal (negotiator))