NRC RO/RCO Group: Nomination Call for Executive Committee Member Candidates

30 October 2019

You are invited to participate in the election of the NRC RO/RCO Executive, which comprises members like you who will work to enhance your terms and conditions of employment.

The current mandates of six of the NRC RO/RCO Group executive will expire after this year’s AGM. Therefore, the Group By-Laws require us to call for nominations to fill these upcoming vacancies. The successful candidates will be elected to serve for a 2-year term.

The duties of the Group Executive are described in the NRC RO/RCO By-Laws.

All NRC RO/RCO members in good standing are eligible to be a candidate for an executive position.

Nomination Process
If you wish to become a candidate for the NRC RO/RCO Group Executive, please fill out the nomination form, along with a biographical sketch about yourself and your reasons for wanting to be an RO/RCO Group Executive member.

Those two documents must be submitted by 3 PM, Ottawa time, on December 3, 2019 to Diane Lanthier ( to permit cross-checking and verification.

Nomination Form
The nomination form must be signed by at least two (2) regular members of the NRC RO/RCO Group supporting your nomination.

Please access the link to the Nomination form here. Please note submission instructions and deadline dates for electronic vs in person submissions.

Biographical Sketch
Submit in Word format. No PDF file will be accepted. Limit text to 200 words. Translation to either French or English may be provided by PIPSC.

Please note that it is the responsibility of the candidates to review their statements before they are submitted as they will not be proofread and corrections will not be made. They will be inserted into the Elections newsletter as submitted by candidates.

Suwas Nikumb, Chairperson
Nominating Committee