All NRC-RO/RCO members within the National Capital Region are invited to the AGM for the PIPSC NRC-RO/RCO National Capital Region Subgroup. The group was created in 2017 by local members aiming to improve our representation within our national bargaining group. 

Eight (8) executive member-at-large positions are up for election; the terms are each two (2) years. All officer positions will be determined by the executive board at the first meeting following the AGM. Interested parties are to email nominations to Lawrence Charlebois ( Nominations will be accepted until 5pm on September 28th and nominations from the floor of the AGM will also be accepted. 


- Opening remarks

- Approval of the agenda

- Approval of the 2019 minutes

- Report of the President

- Financial Report

- Approval of the Budget

- New Business

- Elections

- Adjournment