We have a deal! Tentative agreement reached for the NRC RO/RCO contract

Dear NRC RO/RCO members:

On March 29, 2018, your bargaining team reached a tentative agreement with NRC management for the NRC RO/RCO group. The Bargaining Team would like to offer sincere thanks to all our members for their support and demonstrations of solidarity during the bargaining period. Your support was invaluable in making this agreement possible.

Economic Increases

  • Effective July 20, 2014 – 1.25%
  • Effective July 20, 2015 – 1.25%
  • Effective July 20, 2016 – 1.25% and an additional 1.25% market adjustment
  • Effective July 20, 2017 – 1.25%

Other Highlights include:

  • A new Scientific Integrity clause including a right to speak about science and your research without being designated as an official media spokesperson.
  • Written reason for refusal of conference attendance and reimbursement of professional registration fees.
  • Conversion of volunteer leave to a second day of personal leave
  • Improvements to Maternity, Parental, Bereavement and Family Related Leave.

No changes to your current sick leave entitlements. However when the work is completed on the Employee Wellness Support Program in the core public administration, this will be included on the next contract that you vote on.

We have also received commitments from the NRC on written feedback for unsuccessful promotion cases, and allowing a minimum of 48 hours for any employees who are subject to a performance improvement plan to consult before signing.

More details will be sent soon to all members, including the complete changes to your agreement and information on the ratification process.

In Solidarity,

Your RO/RCO Bargaining Team