21 March 2019
Don’t forget to use your personal leave days before the end of the fiscal year (SP Collective agreement 17.20 b)! They won’t be carried over!
20 March 2019
 Elections 2019 Following the close of nominations on February 18th, 2019, the following members have been nominated for positions to serve as regional representatives on the SP National Executive.  
1 March 2019
“Lifer” Syndrome You have been in the same position or at the same group and level for what seems to be forever, with little opportunities (if any) for promotion.  Bargaining has provided economical pay increases over the last few years, but you feel that your salary is not at par with
15 February 2019
FAQ Job content/Evaluation/Classification Currently, legislation prevents the negotiation of the classification process leading to identifying groups (e.g., BI vs PC) and levels (e.g., BI-3).
7 February 2019
Notice of AGM, call for delegate applications The 2019 SP Annual General Meeting (AGM), your forum to provide direction to your Executive, will be held in Montreal, Quebec on Saturday, April 6th, 2019 at the Delta Hotel, Montreal (475 President Kennedy Avenue)
6 February 2019
Your bargaining team has submitted the SP Group pay proposal to Treasury Board for a Science and Research Pay Adjustment for all classifications and levels in the SP Group, in addition to a general economic increase (negotiated at the central table).
25 January 2019
What a nicer way to start our SP union year than with a meeting with the Employer! Your Bargaining Team aims for a quick deal by the summer, before the federal election period starts, though it will not at the expense of a fair deal for all of you. So, by meeting early, we are trying to dance in that direction. Will we have someone to tango with?
17 January 2019
There are seven (7) SP National Executive regional pool positions to be filled by an election for a three-year term, to expire with the completion of regional pool elections in 2022. The positions are as follows: