15 January 2018
As you know, we are back to the bargaining table this year, as our current collective agreement expires at the end of September 2018.
21 December 2017
The National Executive is pleased to announce that the 2018 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Applied Science and Patent Examination (SP) Group will be held on Saturday, April 7th. Details related to location and delegate selection will be made available in the coming months.
20 December 2017
According to our SP constitution, a member who wants to submit a by-law amendment or resolution at the 2018 AGM must send it in writing to the Executive. CHANGES TO Group BY-LAWS
13 October 2017
During the recent SP Sub-Group Presidents meeting in Québec City, PIPSC was asked to provide you with the formula to calculate your biweekly rate of pay in order to help you determine if you are paid at the right rate.
1 September 2017
Fellow members in the CS, RE, SH and SP Groups, Your respective collective agreements currently stipulate that compensatory leave earned during the previous fiscal year and outstanding on September 30, 2017 is to be automatically cashed-out.
31 July 2017
Fellow SP Group members:
21 July 2017
Hello SP Stewards, Please find below a summary of new changes to our Collective Agreement. Thank you for all your work on the behalf of our members. Elizabeth Ptasznik SP Chief Steward
21 June 2017
To all members of the SP Group, We have received an update from the government about the technical issue that recently affected pay processing for your Group. The government reports that all 1,800 impacted accounts have now been corrected according to the following schedule:
16 June 2017
We received the note below from the Employer regarding Phoenix and a technical issue that may arise with some members' pay. While the Employer assures us that all members will be notified of this concern and that any errors will be corrected in the next pay (June 28, 2017), we want to ensure all SP Group members are aware of the issue and check their pay stub for any potential errors.
8 June 2017
Dear members, The SP Collective Agreement for the period 2014-2018 was signed on May 14, 2017, and has been in effect since then. It is posted online.