With our collective agreement expiring September 30, 2018, it is now time to bring the word “Bargaining” into our conversations. The Bargaining Team has met twice since the Bargaining Conference and wants to update you on our progress so far.

Bargaining Team

As you know, your bargaining team has been formed in accordance with article 7.12 of the SP Group’s By-Laws. The members of the Bargaining Team are:

  • Bryan Van Wilgenburg, SP Group Bargaining Coordinator
  • Ann Therriault, SP Member
  • Marcie Schultz, SP Member
  • Judith Leblanc, SP Executive
  • Enzo Barresi, SP Executive
  • Marcel Beaudoin, SP Executive
  • Waheed Khan, SP Executive
  • Suzelle Brosseau, PIPSC Negotiator
  • David Griffin, PIPSC Negotiator

Bargaining Conference, June 1-2, 2018

We kicked off our preparations with the Bargaining Conference on June 1 & 2. 36 members attended the conference, representing the different departments, classifications and regions, and identified their bargaining priorities.

Along with surveys sent to members earlier in the year, the discussion and results from the Bargaining Conference are being used to formulate our demands. We wish to thank the participants for their contributions and the discussions that took place on the priorities and on mobilization.

The Upcoming Round of Bargaining

As summer is now upon us, your bargaining team has met twice so far to prepare the proposals that will be presented to the Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS). A third and final meeting is planned for the end of August to complete the proposals, along with the mandatory bargaining training that all bargaining team members will receive. During that third meeting, we will start looking at the pay proposal. This is the normal way that bargaining unfolds.

We sent our notice to bargain to the Treasury Board Secretariat on June 28, 2018, early in the process that we have to follow, the earliest being 4 months in advance. The exchange of proposals is planned for September. Once the proposals are ready and have been sent to TBS, we will share them with you.

We held a conference call on July 18 to update you on the bargaining process. 30 SP members from across the country, from Newfoundland and Labrador to British Columbia, participated on the call.

Committing to keep members informed, mobilized and engaged is our goal. We will be trying different methods and looking for feedback on what works best.

Better together! 

Judith Leblanc and your Bargaining Team