2018 Bargaining Team (B.T.)


The SP Group is going back to bargaining soon as the collective agreement will expire on September 30, 2018. In response to member’s wishes, the SP Executive has decided in favor of a Call for Interest for three (3) non-executive members.

Based on experience, the Executive has determined that a team of seven (7) Regular Members is optimal for efficiency and the coordination of the agendas of the B.T., PIPSC Negotiator, PIPSC Researcher, and Treasury Board Team. An odd number of members on the Bargaining Team is important to make decisions when consensus cannot be reached. The SP By-Laws state the majority of the B.T. (four (4) members) must come from the SP Executive. This Call for Interest is to fill the three (3) remaining positions.  

Interested members must display their commitment to the B.T. by: recognizing bargaining as a priority by freeing up their agenda; working as a team; committing to make decisions by consensus as often as possible; representing all SP members regardless of their classification; and respecting the confidentiality of bargaining.

As per the SP By-Laws, the Group Executive will appoint the B.T. members based on the recommendations of the Negotiator and the SP Bargaining Coordinator upon the completion of the SP Executive Election in April 2018. The B.T. mandate will last for the duration of the bargaining round.

To have a B.T. as representative and equitable as possible, the SP Executive will consider the following criteria: gender, language, age, Department, classification, region, and previous experience on a bargaining team. Experience as a steward and/or interpretation and application of the collective agreement will be an asset.

On the attached Call for Interest Form, each interested member must indicate why they would like to join the B.T. and how they meet the above mentioned criteria/assets.

Completed forms are to be received by email no later than

12:00 Noon (Ottawa time), February 16, 2018 at the following address:

Brigitte Jolin:

with the subject line: SP Group Call of Interest for Bargaining Team. Any issues or concerns should be communicated to the aforementioned address.