Baljit Sekhon

Dear SP,

In June, 2018, I attended my second SP Bargaining Conference. I find these to be the most interesting and engaging union meeting.

As a Steward and SP Subgroup President, I feel a sense of duty to convey the concerns of my members to our Bargaining Team. I felt energized when I received support from my union colleagues for an important issue for Vancouver shift workers: access to safe & secure parking.  

Prior to 2016, shift working meteorologists (MTs) were provided secure parking.  In 2016, it was terminated; the employer claimed this was outside of its control. A self-organized “parking group” of shift working MTs negotiated with the parking company and split the cost.  

The issue faced now is rising parking rates becoming unaffordable: MTs will soon be in a situation where they cannot afford safe, secure parking.  Public transit is not running at some shift times and not always accessible for shift workers. The environment outside our office is not safe at night. Many bars are located nearby on Burrard Street and there are frequently crimes against people and property. 

We work different shifts to meet the essential nature of our work.  Shift workers should be provided safe parking at the workplace at no cost.

The SP bargaining conference was a great reminder we are much better working together. I hope you will support us.  Are you in a similar situation? Share your story with

Better together,

Baljit Sekhon, Vancouver SP Sub-Group President