Further to the Call for Nominations published on January 30, 2018 on the SP website please see the following updates and corrections below.

Nominations Closing Date

The closing date for nominations will be March 1, 2018 (at noon eastern standard time) instead of February 26, 2018 as indicated in the initial posting.

Typo – Term end date

The French version of the notice incorrectly stated in the first paragraph that the term for these positions will expire in 2018.  It should read 2021.


The call for nominations should have stated that members are eligible for nomination for one position only.  That is, members cannot be nominated for more than one position at the same time.  As such, only one choice should be selected on the nomination form under the position for which the nominee is seeking.  For example, an SG-PAT member located in the National Capital Region (NCR) must opt to be nominated for either the SG-PAT position or a NCR position, not both.


As per the initial call for nominations, should any members have questions please do not hesitate to contact a member of the SP Elections Committee:

Daniel Ingram dingram@pipsc.ca (306-780-6401)

Sushil Dixit sdixit@pipsc.ca (613-254-5839)

Marcel Beaudoin marcel.beaudoin@gmail.com (819-639-6968)