2018 SP Election Results

The 2018 SP Election concluded on April 19, 2018 at 12:00 noon Eastern Time. The results following the tabulation of the electronic ballots are as follows:

Elected - National Capital Region (NCR) (2 positions)

1)  Waheed Khan

2)  Norma Domey

Elected - National pool (outside the NCR) (3 positions)

1)  Bryan Van Wilgenburg

2)  Elizabeth Ptasznik

3)  Michael Forbes

Elected - SG-PAT (1 position)

1)  Donald Lefebvre (acclaimed)

We would also like to thank the other candidates who put their name forward for this election:

  • Michael Goodried (NCR)
  • Denise Ilchyna (Prairie and Northwest Territories Region)
  • Jim Martyn (NCR)
  • Nadia Roufaiel (NCR)
  • Tarek Salem (NCR)
  • Ann Therriault (NCR)

Congratulations to the newly elected executive members and thanks again to all the nominees.

Any questions or concerns can be directed to the SP Election Committee.

SP Election Committee

Daniel Ingram dingram@pipsc.ca (306-780-6401)

Sushil Dixit sdixit@pipsc.ca (613-254-5839)

Marcel Beaudoin marcel.beaudoin@gmail.com (819-639-6968)