Back to school time! - Bargaining Update #2

Hello, SP Members!

Just like parents are getting kids ready for school, the bargaining team spent the last days of August getting ready to start face-to-face bargaining with Treasury Board Secretariat in October.

Bargaining Proposal

During our third meeting, the Bargaining Team completed the non-monetary portions of the proposal. We also started looking at the monetary portion of our demands, such as the economic increase, increments and steps. Don’t worry, working on the monetary portion is normally the last thing that is worked on, and is always the last component of the proposal that is presented to the Employer.

Finally, the Essential Services list is in the process of being negotiated with the employer. This is a big improvement over previous rounds, where the Institute had no input. We have formed an Essential Services Team to negotiate the final list with the employer. All members designated essential will receive a letter from the employer informing them.

We want to thank you for all your comments and the information you sent us; it helps us building our case.

Back to School Time!

Another vital part of the meeting was training and simulations on actual bargaining so the new bargaining team members (Marcel, Judith and Ann!!) are ready.

Next Steps

The exchange of proposals with TBS is planned for September. Once the proposals have been exchanged and translated, we will share these with you.

The dates for the first two face-to-face meetings with TBS are now in the calendar.

We are committed to keeping our members informed, mobilized and engaged. We need your support and for you to be visibly supporting your bargaining team in your work environment.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact the SP Bargaining Team at

Better together! Bien mieux ensemble!

Bryan Van Wilgenburg and your SP Group Bargaining Team