2 November 2020
Only open for Members of the Ottawa West Branch.   You and your spouse/partner are invited to attend. Many PIPSC members will be retiring in the coming years.  Some of the questions faced are:  Can we or can’t we, should we or should we not?
6 October 2020
So we are ‘working from home’ or are we at home ‘doing work’?  Come to this virtual Zoom event where you will hear the do’s and don’ts of ‘being at home and working’.  
30 September 2020
Members of the Ottawa East, Ottawa South, and Ottawa West Branches are cordially invited to attend a joint branch virtual/Zoom webinar on Retirement Planning in French.   
11 March 2020
AFS NCR-IT Fitzgerald Sub Group and the Ottawa West Branch – Coffee Break – April 8th, 2020
10 March 2020
PIPSC is turning 100 and we want to celebrate!   The Ottawa West Branch is holding a Coffee Break on March 19, 2020 for CFIA members to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of PIPSC.  
5 February 2020
PIPSC is turning 100 and we want to celebrate!
20 January 2020
The Ottawa West Branch invites you to join us for an Open Office Workplace information session. Are you interested in knowing the various effects of the new workplace re-configuration?
17 December 2019
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