This is your voter’s information kit for the election of the CS (Computer Systems) Group positions. You will be receiving your electronic ballot key no later than May 10th, 2022. Voting will be done by electronic means only. No paper mail-in ballots will be provided. If you have a change of address, please advise the Membership Section at the PIPSC National Office. If you need assistance with the access to the documentation, please contact a member of the election committee and we will help you.

Please note the following:  There are 6 positions for Member at Large, 5 positions for a 3 year term and 1 position for a 2 year term.

The 6 candidates with the highest number of votes will be considered elected as Members at Large.  The candidate with the lowest number of votes among those 6 will be elected to the Member at Large position with the 2 year term.




(1 three years position to be filled)

Stéphane Aubry

Stan Buday

Member-at-large (5 positions) – 3-year term

Member-at-large (1 position) – 2-year term


Shawn Adams

Stéphane Aubry

James Brown

J. Gordon Bulmer

Debbie Butler

Denis Caissy

Tamara Critch

Aleksandra Dukic

Nino Mangione

Randy Oomen

Robert Scott - acclaimed

Yaamalai Sri Tharan

Alex Stefishen

Robert Tellier

James Young

Matthew Waters

Patricia Williams





*According to regulation, where no member exists on the Executive from a specific region, candidates running unopposed from this region shall be acclaimed



Only Members in good standing with PIPSC in the CS (Computer Systems) Group are eligible to vote in these elections. For more information on the election process, please refer to the CS (Computer Systems) Group Constitution and By-Laws.


Problems have arisen in the past which have caused embarrassment to candidates, some examples of which should be avoided:

  • Use of any Institute membership list for campaign purposes. Contact information contained on the PIPSC Web Site is provided for the sole purpose of allowing members to contact their Institute representatives for employment-related problems or questions. This information may not be used in unsolicited bulk e-mailings.
  • Use of a logo sufficiently similar to the CS Group or the Institute logo as to imply support.


All candidates were invited to submit résumés of 500 words or less stating their experience and objectives. The résumés of candidate for the positions you are eligible to vote for can be viewed on the PIPSC Web site when you go to submit your electronic vote.

NOTE: The résumés submitted have been reproduced without corrections. The translated versions were produced by PIPSC translators.

You will receive your electronic ballot key, no later than May 10, 2022.

Deadline for receipt of ballots: 12:00 Noon (Ottawa time), May 31, 2022.


President: Yvonne Snaddon,

Member:   Pierre Touchette,

Member:   Steven Frechette,



If you don't receive your ballot by Tuesday, May 10 - please contact Linda Rochefort at