The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada

Debbie Butler

Debbie Butler for Member-at-Large

I am again asking for your support to re-elect me as member-at-large on the IT (CS) Group National Executive. This is a commitment that I take very seriously, and I feel that I have contributed to the continued success of the Group and its Executive in its goal of representing the interests of our membership. This is a commitment that I want to continue to do as a member of the IT (CS) Executive.


In my role as Treasurer for the group, I have tried to ensure a balance in providing quality service to our members and the maintenance of the financial integrity and stability of the Group’s operating budget. My work as financial officer has included tracking and monitoring all expenditures, liaising with Institute staff, dealing with vendors and financial institutions and informing the National Executive of their fiscal responsibility. I believe that I have performed this duty to the satisfaction of the Group and our members. I have been a friend of the Institutes Finance Committee.

In addition, I have served on several Group sub-committees including Sub-Group Officer Ontario Region and the National Mobilization/Strike Committee.

I have been a member of the IT (CS) Group since 1997. My current and past activity for the Institute and the IT (CS) Group includes:

• Treasurer, IT (CS) Group National Executive
• IT (CS) Sub-Group Officer, Ontario Region
• Member, IT (CS) Group Mobilization/Strike Committee
• Member, IT (CS) Group By-laws Sub-Committee
• IT (CS) Group National Organizing Committee member
• Job Action/Strike Readiness Training facilitator
• Vice-President, Quinte IT (CS) Sub-Group
• IT (CS) Steward for 11 years
• Former Member, HRSDC National Consultation Team
• Vice-President, Quinte Branch

Priorities and Challenges

The IT (CS) Group will be faced with many challenges over the coming years. It is imperative that we maintain a strong focus on outstanding issues that are important to the IT (CS) Group and its members or that may become priorities, some of which are:

• Mobilizing in support of our bargaining team to get our members the best possible contract.
• Fixing Phoenix and to make sure that our members are made whole.
• Working to correct a staffing process that remains confusing, ambiguous, and nontransparent and the absence of a working system of checks and balances.
• Keeping vigilant on the Employers’ use of contracting out even though we have made tremendous gains on fighting contracting out and keeping pressure on the employer to make sure that IT (CS) work goes to Government employees in all departments.
• Ensure that the IT (CS) Group works within the Institute to protect our pension now and in the future.

I feel strongly about these and all other issues facing the IT (CS) Group today. I continue to believe that the rights of our members must be protected.

I thank you for your past support and ask that you again give me the opportunity to work on your behalf.

Debbie Butler