The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada

Stéphane Aubry


Dear members, I’m presenting my candidacy for president of our bargaining group, your group, the IT group.

In recent years, I served as National Vice-President of our union.
I have decided to come back to my roots as a computer specialist and champion you once more.

Our working environment has enormously changed and it will continue to do so.
The COVID pandemic, AI, automation and working remotely will have lasting impacts on the way we work. Our morale is deeply affected by how we maintain relationships with our co-workers, remotely. Even more, the cost of living has increased in recent months and our salaries have not followed.

Our group need to change and adapt. We must be strong at the bargaining table to improve our working conditions and have salaries commensurate to the cost of living. We must protect our jobs against layoffs and replacements by outsourcing, while finding ways for our members to adapt and get the necessary training to be ready for the future.

We must be creative, innovative, geeks, which are trademarks of the IT community.
Together we can !

In this, I have a valuable set of experiences to help us in these changing times.

7 years as National Vice-President of PIPSC;
-Active member of the Board of Directors, leading our union in providing good negotiations, representations and grievance support for our 65 000 members;
- In charge of key portfolios; Phoenix, Phoenix stabilization & NextGen;
Initiating members’ engagement, mobilization thru various initiatives;
- Involved in the Digital transformation of the government, AI, the Future of Work, working remotely and the return to work after COVID;
- Member of the National Political Action Committee of the CLC (Canadian Labour Congress), working with other bargaining agents to lobby and advocate for our issues with all levels of governments;
- Representative on the Joint Learning Program (JLP) steering committee, following and proposing new learning programs;
- Liaison for the PIPSC Working Group on Consultation with the Board of Directors;
- and backup spokesperson to the president of PIPSC with the media.
5 years as member of the CS Group executive
- 5yrs acting as Secretary;
- 3yrs as Co-Chair of the National Organization Committee on bargaining mobilization, organizing hundreds of Lunch and Learns, and presentations across Canada, informing and engaging you about our bargaining positions.
Overall, I’ve been an involved member for the last 16 years
- I have been President of the Montreal Metro and of the Hull CS subgroups, and also an executive member of the Gatineau and of the Ottawa CS subgroups;
- I have been an executive member of the Montréal Centre and of the Ottawa Centreville branches;
- Member of the DND Consultation team representing the Quebec region as well as the NCR region, and President of Industry Canada consultation team;
- and a shop steward supporting members like you.

I would appreciate your trust in my candidacy, please vote for me !

Stéphane Aubry
Proud Computer Geek