The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada

Stan Buday

Stan Buday for IT Group President

It has been my sincere privilege to have served CS-IT Group members over the past three years. I believe I have delivered on my promise of dedicating my energy and focus on supporting our members, our stewards and the national executive. I have stayed true to my Group roots and helped to make a place for us in our union.

I am now seeking your support to allow me to continue to serve as your President.

I promise to remain true to the principles and ideals of our Group. I am committed to furthering your interests with the same integrity, consideration and drive you have come to expect from your leadership. And I promise to fight on your behalf with the same fervour and zeal that I have brought to the role in the past.

I have, on your behalf:

• Negotiated impactful collective agreement language on contracting out and technological change
• Pressured departments to adhere to this language and supported the filing of over 2000 grievances of the abuse of this article
• Found new ways to reach members and stewards in this virtual environment
• Remained steadfast with our bargaining team in our fight for the best contract in the face of internal and external pressures
• Organized member bargaining support
• Engaged departments in consultation
• Brought a strong voice to the governance and direction of our union working effectively with Institute staff and other elected officials
• Defended the rights of the CS Group and its members each and every day
• Lobbied for action on Group concerns to MPs and within our own union

• 9 years CS-IT Group President
• 6 years CS-IT Group National Vice President
• Member, CS-IT Group Bargaining Team
• Member, PIPSC Strategic Bargaining Committee
• 19 years member of CS-IT Group National Executive
• 7 years CS-IT Group National Organizing Committee Chair
• 23 years member and 9 years President, ESDC National Consultation Team
• 23 years PIPSC Steward

My goal over the next term as President is to:

• Negotiate a collective agreement with fair wages and no concessions
• Maintain the strong relationships that I have developed with other Group Presidents and work to coordinate our demands in bargaining
• Work with Institute Consultation Teams to enforce all contract language especially Technological Change
• Lead our Group in our primary strategic objective of better engaging members in this new environment and a post-pandemic world
• Impact the political landscape in our continuing efforts to halt the theft of the work of our members through outsourcing
• Pressure departments to provide training and worthwhile career development opportunities
• Continue to promote public awareness of privatization, and its detrimental effect on the quality of services to Canadians.

Thank you for your continued support. I hope that I can rely on your vote to re-elect me as IT Group President.

In solidarity,

Stan Buday

Proudly CS since 1998.