30 July 2020
Your continued support and engagement is essential in helping us draft proposals and determine priorities for this round of bargaining.
10 March 2020
SUN-RT Group Elections 2020 Vice-President: Shawn Binda (acclaimed)  Secretary: Aisha Sheikh (acclaimed)    Member-at-Large: Jacqueline Hamilton-Clark (acclaimed)
23 January 2020
2020 Executive Elections Call for Nominations
12 December 2018
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29 August 2018
Notice of SUN-RT AGM Tuesday September 11th Therapist Work RoomTG118 Two Sessions: 12:30-1 and 1:30-2 Lunch provided, but please bring your own drinks Agenda: TBA
6 July 2018
PIPSC members with a gross annual income of less than $40,000 are eligible to apply for reimbursement of part of their union dues.
14 June 2018
The Elections Committee have verified the nominations received for the elections to positions on the SUN-RT Group Executive. The following candidate was successful: President: Thomas Pocrnick - Acclaimed Treasurer:
15 May 2018
At the request of the SUN-RT Group Executive and as per PIPSC By-Law, the PIPSC Elections committee is conducting the 2018 SUN-RT elections to the Group Executive. The SUN-RT Group is seeking to fill the following four (4) positions, all for two-year terms, in accordance with by-law 6.3 of the Model Group Constitution: