The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada

We have completed 5 bargaining sessions with the hospital since October, but have been unable to reach a full and final agreement.

The negotiations have been significantly impacted by the Ontario government’s wage restraint legislation (Bill 124) and subsequent regulation prohibiting negotiation of pandemic pay for certain groups. PIPSC is working with 11 Ontario unions representing over 250,000 provincial public sector employees in a coordinated Charter challenge against Bill 124.

Bill 124 imposes a series of 3-year “moderation periods,” where salary and total compensation for certain public service institutions, including hospitals, are capped at 1% per year. Although Ontario Premier Doug Ford has said that if it was up to him, he would pay health care workers “way more,” his government enacted legislation preventing us from negotiating appropriate increases for wages and benefits.

While we have made some progress in bargaining with the hospital, we have reached an impasse on several key issues. As a result, PIPSC has filed an application for the appointment of a Conciliation Officer.

Conciliation is a process by which an officer is appointed to meet with the union and the employer in an attempt to resolve differences and reach a collective agreement. If conciliation is unsuccessful, the parties then proceed to binding arbitration to resolve the outstanding issues.

A date for conciliation has been set, for March 19, 2021. We’ll report back to you following this meeting.

Bargaining process summary

Survey members – Completed

Finalize proposals – Completed

Exchange proposals with employer – Completed October 7, 2020

Negotiate to achieve tentative agreement – Five days of bargaining completed

Conciliation - March 19, 2021

If conciliation is unsuccessful, proceed to binding arbitration – If necessary.

Member ratification vote – After tentative agreement is reached