30 May 2018
Précis March 26, 2018 AFS Executive Meeting
23 May 2018
Recent announcements about the possible transfer of workload from CRA to Revenu Québec have created an atmosphere of uncertainty for many of our dedicated AFS members.
23 May 2018
It has come to our attention that CRA is not crediting employees for their vacation or sick leave earned while on LIA. This is occurring in spite of the fact that our AFS collective agreement provides for the earning of vacation and sick leave while on LIA.
10 May 2018
JUNE 7, 2018, 13:00 - JUNE 8, 17:00 LORD ELGIN HOTEL, 100 Elgin Street, OTTAWA, ONTARIO
10 May 2018
Voter’s Kit for the 2018 Election to the AFS Group Executive There is one (1) vacancy on the AFS Group executive. The successful candidate will take Office on July 1, 2018.
8 May 2018
We would like to provide an update on the PSTAR grievances, FPSLREB File Nos. 566.34.9832 & 9833 (Myles & Alcock). We are still waiting for the Labour Board (FPSLREB) to set hearing dates in these matters, however, we expect that it will later this year.
3 May 2018
13 April 2018
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