BC/Yukon Regional Director’s Report – Period: December 8, 2021 – April 18, 2022


 I would like to open my first report as BC Yukon Region director by saying I am looking forward to advocating for and representing the interests of PIPSC, all PIPSC members, and in particular PIPSC members in the BC Yukon Region as a member of the PIPSC Board of Directors (BoD).

As most of you are probably aware, there was a very significant change at the BoD level resulting from some previous members of the BoD choosing not to run for elected office and others being unsuccessful in their bids for election or reelection. As a result, a majority of the people elected to the current Board are like me new to the position. This change will bring new perspectives, opportunities as well as challenges to bear on the direction we move forward as a union.

Based on the initial BoD meetings and discussions amongst individual directors, the changes at the BoD level bode well for our members and PIPSC.

There are a wide variety of challenges facing PIPSC members, PIPSC as a union and the Labour movement in Canada generally.  A few in no particular order that come to mind include:

·         The workplace and work generally after the Covid shutdowns

·         Mental health issues generally and those arising out of isolation during the shutdowns

·         Steward training, recruitment, retention, and mobilization

·         Bargaining

·         Member engagement, mobilization, representation

·         Equity, diversity and inclusiveness related issues


In preparation to meet some of these challenges, The BoD has scheduled joint meetings with Advisory Council, and PIPSC will be conducting member and public surveys.  There is also a strategic planning session currently in the works. I will have more details to report on outcomes from it in the near future.

The BoD has moved to select and appoint the Chairs and Committee members to all Committees of the Board (CoB).  All CoBs have either held their first meetings or have plans to do so very soon.

The Pandemic and the restrictions that came with it brought many challenges including cancellations and delays in organizing training for new stewards, in fact new steward training was delayed several times due to restrictions on in person gatherings, health concerns for our members, and PIPSC staff. Thankfully, at least for now some of these now appear to be behind us. We will be putting on the Advanced Labour school in April and basic steward training in May.  The latter will be in conjunction with the Prairies Region but held in BC.

Continuing in the training vein the new BoD has received the following training so far:

·         Roles and responsibilities of Directors,

·         Directors’ liability and insurance

·         Board Governance.

There is additional training planned in conjunction with the April Board meeting “unstoppable Conversations”

The PIPSC Vancouver regional office staff and the BC Yukon Region Executive are in the final stages of plans for the BC Yukon Region Council to be held in person in Whistler on May 27 and 28.  

National / Board Initiatives

  • Executive Compensation Committee (ECC)
  • I was selected by the BoD to be member of the ECC for the next three years. The ECC held its first meeting in March and is planning on getting outside consultants to provide training to all committee members in June.
  • Innovation / Building Trust / Life Insurance Trust: 
  • I was selected by the BoD to be one of the Trustees of the Group Life Insurance Trust

Events Attended

  • Regional Meetings / Events / Calls:
    • Regional Executive Meetings – Feb 4 and April 1
    • Retired Members Guild Chapter Presidents meeting Feb 22
    • Vancouver CRA Branch executive meeting Mar 7
    • Vancouver Branch executive meeting April 5
    • BC Federation of Labour sponsored training Cultivating safe spaces for reconciliation April 8
    • Met with CS Stewards at RCMP offices in Surrey re mobilization April 7
    • BC Federation of Labour Executive Council April 14
  • Board Meetings / National Events / Calls:
    • New Board members on Boarding December 8 and 9, 2021
    • Board Governance Training Mar 17 -18
    • Regional Directors meeting Mar 21
    • Board of Directors – Jan13 - 14, Feb 18, Mar 22 - 23
    • Executive Compensation Committee March 24

 I look forward to meeting many of you in person soon at upcoming regional events.

Our PIPSC website (www.pipsc.ca) has the most up to date information regarding your Union.

Please feel free to contact at Ksahot@pipsc.ca if you have questions.


In solidarity,

Kal Sahota, Dipl. T., CPA CMA

Director, BC/Yukon Region