Member Requests for Web posting

Important Information

  • If there is one Francophone or Anglophone member in the branch, group, sub-group, etc., the document requires translation as per PIPSC policy.
  • Requests for translation and posting must go through your regional office.  
  • Do not include any financial information.
  • The entire document must be Arial font 12 and plain text i.e. no coloured lettering, bolding or underlining.
  • Documents should be a Google Docs link (preferably) or MS Word – no PDFs.
  • Check your document for spelling and grammatical errors.
  • All notices must have the date, time, location and agenda in the body of the notice. 
  • Please provide the desired "Subject" for emails to be sent to members and document "Title" for posting to the PIPSC website. 


Submitting requests 2 weeks prior to the ideal send date is important because:

  • There are multiple emails to coordinate in the email calendar in any given week.
  • Late requests lead to capacity overloads with the Communications and Translations teams, which we want to avoid. This will delay other email requests.
  • The Communications team aims to spread out how many emails any given member receives in a day or week. Members shouldn't be receiving multiple emails in a day or week.
One file only.
25 MB limit.
Allowed types: doc docx.

PIPSC Translation 

Standard Turnaround Times

No of Words Estimated Turnaround (In business days)
1-50 0.5
50-100 1
100-200 2
200-500 3
500-1000 4
1000-2000 5
2000-3000 6
3000-4000 7
4000+ To be negotiated