Member Requests for Web posting

Important Information

  • If there is one Francophone or Anglophone member in the branch, group, sub-group, etc., the document requires translation as per PIPSC policy.
  • Requests for translation and posting must go through your regional office.  
  • Do not include any financial information.
  • The entire document must be Arial font 12 and plain text i.e. no coloured lettering, bolding or underlining.
  • Documents should be a Google Docs link (preferably) or MS Word – no PDFs.
  • Check your document for spelling and grammatical errors.
  • All notices must have the date, time, location and agenda in the body of the notice. 
  • Please provide the desired "Subject" for emails to be sent to members and document "Title" for posting to the PIPSC website. 
  • Prairie/NWT Region submissions: You will receive a confirmation email within 2 working days acknowledging your submission. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact the regional administrative team (AA/OA).*If you have an external registration page for your event, please include the text for translation at the end of your document. The translation will be sent back to you to add to your page.


Submitting requests 2 weeks prior to the ideal send date is important because:

  • There are multiple emails to coordinate in the email calendar in any given week.
  • Late requests lead to capacity overloads with the Communications and Translations teams, which we want to avoid. This will delay other email requests.
  • The Communications team aims to spread out how many emails any given member receives in a day or week. Members shouldn't be receiving multiple emails in a day or week.
One file only.
25 MB limit.
Allowed types: doc docx.

PIPSC Translation 

Standard Turnaround Times

No of Words Estimated Turnaround (In business days)
1-50 0.5
50-100 1
100-200 2
200-500 3
500-1000 4
1000-2000 5
2000-3000 6
3000-4000 7
4000+ To be negotiated