BC/Yukon Region – Regional Executive Meeting

Thursday, September 1, 2022, 1:00pm – 3:30pm

Virtual meeting



Executive Meeting Minutes

Regional Executive Meeting – Sept 1, 2022


  1. Minute of silence in remembrance of Kal Sahota.
  2. Approval of Agenda – (All) Moved, seconded and carried.
  3. Appointment of Secretary – (All) Lauren Kunimoto volunteered to be secretary.
  4. Approval of Minutes – (All)
    1. May 26, 2022 Corrected name spelling. Thank you Morgan Cranny for the donation to the Whistler charity which was the amount of the transfer fees. MOTION: To approve minutes with corrected name spelling. Moved, seconded and carried.
  5. Business Arising from Minutes – (All)
    1. Report on Whitehorse Tree Planting event/outreach June 12 & 13 – (P. Mantler)

City of Whitehorse wanted larger trees by street. Event went well for Tree Canada. Meet and greet with Whitehorse Hospital. Jenn Carr spoke about PIPSC which made good representation for the union.

    1. Farewell gifts for Ken Antao and Carl Cahoon

MOTION: To purchase a farewell gift for Carl Cahoon of up to $250. Moved, seconded and carried.

  1. Regional Director Report - (D. Corda)

The Board of Director's held a Special Meeting on August 24, 2022 to discuss 5 Resolutions to be sponsored at the National AGM in November. As Interim Director, I have received invitations to speak at the Penticton and Vancouver Branch AGM's as well as the Surrey CRA Sub-Group AGM. MOTION: To approve verbal Director’s report. Moved, seconded and carried.

  1. Office/Staff Report – (K. Hawkins)

Simon Cott is on leave. His return date is currently unknown. Harinder Mahil is assisting us with the smaller TSOs in BC/Yukon for a few months. John Hanrahan, Team Lead out of Edmonton, will support the Vancouver TSO for the next few months. Alex McLachlin is being offered our OA position. Patricia is returning to the AA position. Staff have been allocated for Steward Council sessions. Kris Hawkins will be attending Steward Council and will continue to work with Dean on this planning. Dulce Cuenca has been delegated to attend the Vancouver Branch AGM on Kris' behalf.. MOTION: To accept verbal Office/Staff report. Moved, seconded and carried.

  1. Financial Report – Treasurer - (P. MacDougall)
    1. Financial update – likely less expenditures and not overspend. Spent less than $5,000 for Regional Council. MOTION: To approve verbal financial report. Moved, seconded and carried.
  2. Regional Training Committee Report – (P. MacDougall)
    1. Upcoming training in BC/Yukon Region – sending Cynthia Denman to violence training in November 2022.
    2. National training initiatives

MOTION: To approve verbal Training Report. Moved, seconded and carried.

  1. Awards Committee –
    1. Appoint chair

Phil Mantler is appointed chair.

    1. Executive of the Year

Will be presented at Steward Council in Victoria October 2022.

    1. Steward of the Year

Phil Mantler will have communication to go out for award presented at Steward Council by October 1, 2022.

  1. National initiatives
    1. Legacy Fund & challenge cup
      • Select champion – Morgan Cranny volunteered.
  2. New Business
    1. Steward Council update (D. Corda)
      • Select charity – consider food banks. Options are Mustard Seed, St. Vincent de Paul, Rainbow Kitchen and Red Cedar Cafe. Angela Cowie volunteered to arranged to have a representative give a presentation at Steward Council.
      • Raffle items for fundraiser – 72 hr emergency kit? MOTION: To purchase 2 two-person 72 hour emergency kits for $110 each. Dean Corda will purchase them and bring them to the Steward Council. Moved, seconded and carried.
      • Visibility items – Dean Corda has identified ideas. Grab bag containing 1) vertical pocket planner 2) 100 sheet stock journal books, 3) insulated coffee cup wrap and 4) masks sourced by Morgan Cranny. Back up items such as pens, car totes, compact umbrellas, insulated water bottles can be used for filler. MOTION: To approve to purchase 150 of these items not to exceed a value of $85 per grouping for grab bag. Moved, seconded and carried.
      • Entertainment – Morgan Cranny knows a comedian who would cost $2,750 including travel and hotel expenses for Steward Council. Once approved, then have comedian issue contract to PIPSC.
    2. Chromebook computer for Secretary – motion was passed. Action: Secretary to get back to Interim Director Dean Corda to decide to use Chromebook computer.
    3. Outreach events
      • Surrey – Dec? ACTION: Davy Chiu to poll members in his area for best timing, hoping to time with December's Regional Executive Meeting. ACTIION: Interim Director to request Membership list for RCMP members in Surrey.
      • N. Central Vancouver Island - ? January/February 2023 timing.
      • Kamloops – Sept? ACTION: Phil Mantler will look into interest in Kamloops.
    4. Hilton Metrotown to be put back on list of acceptable hotels. MOTION: To put the Hilton Metrotown back on the list of acceptable hotels. Moved, seconded and carried.
    5. 2023 Event locations
    6. Trauma Counsellor available on site at Steward Council – Dean Corda recommended this as a result of passing of Kal Sahota. MOTION: To have counsellor available and memorial for Kal Sahota at Steward Council. Angie Cowie volunteered to make arrangements ie. Flowers, notes, memorial items. Moved, seconded and carried.
    7. Travel Cost Comparison for Regional Council June 9-10, 2023 and Steward Council October 20-23, 2023. held in Kelowna, Whistler, Victoria and Burnaby. ACTION: Regional Council. Interim Director Dean Corda will ask Regional staff if Royal Anne Hotel and Delta Grande as possibilities in Kelowna. To finalize secretarially.
    8. Angela Cowie: due to health issues, stepping down temporarily after Steward Council in October 2022.
  3. Next Meeting(s)
    1. Thursday, October 20, 2022, 9:00am – 5:00pm – Delta Ocean Pointe in Victoria
    2. Thursday, December 1, 2022, 9:00am – 5:00pm - Vancouver
  4. Adjournment at 3:30 pm– MOTION: To adjourn. Moved, seconded and carried.