BC/Yukon Region – Regional Executive Meeting

June 8, 2023, 9:00am – 5:00pm

Delta Grand Villa Hotel, 4331 Dominion St, Burnaby, BC, V5G 1C7

Meeting ID: V5NWF52J9XX


 Meeting Minutes


Regional Executive Meeting – June 8, 2023

  1. Approval of Agenda – (All) To approve Agenda. m/s/c.
  2. Approval of Minutes – (All)
    1. April 18 & 19, 2023 To approve Minutes. m/s/c.
  3. Business Arising from Minutes – (All)
    1. Sept Reg Ex mtg N. Central Vancouver Island (All) AI: Morgan will re-engage with Carl Cahoon to discuss outreach event in Nanaimo/Parksville or Courtenay/Comox area in September 2023. Will complete discussion by the end of June 2023.
    2. Outreach event updates (All) AI: Peter organizing an outreach event for the SPs in Prince Rupert or Terrace. Date TBA but preferred to do it sooner. Morgan volunteered to attend outreach event. ERO potentially attend outreach event with Morgan.
    3. Jr Black Achievement Awards – Morgan presented it to the BOD. Donated $1,000 to Jr Black Achievement Awards.
  4. Regional Director Report - (M. Cranny) Morgan virtually attended BOD meeting in May 2023. Still looking for general counsel and executive director. Human Rights & Diversity Community ordered orange Every Child Matters hoodies with PIPSC logo. Gave out hoodies at the Vancouver Branch movie event and Vancouver CRA Branch AGM in June 2023. Morgan will be attending the CFIA-VM AGM on June 22, 2023. To accept Regional Director’s verbal Report. m/s/c.
  5. Office/Staff Report – (K. Hawkins) Working on a BC FNHA stand alone training session, anticipating Sept. Specific to only this group. Labour School feedback was quite positive, many felt it was long overdue and appreciated. I've recommended this training be offered across the country and asked for more content on this subject. No changes to staffing, no issues. RTO cases are still coming in but are managing these successfully. Staff appreciation event will likely occur this summer, anticipate a day where BC office is not available. Prairies will cover. Staff are completing Broadscopes, an analysis of the work we do to better understand roles and responsibilities and provide resources where needed. I am now receiving them, so this may help with work delegation. A reminder, the Regional Office doesn't have storage space. Deliveries should not be sent there, but if needed, we will work with anyone to have items picked up. Thank you to Morgan for taking care of the recent delivery so quickly! To accept Office/Staff verbal Report. m/s/c.
  6. Financial Report – Treasurer - (P. MacDougall)
    1. Financial update – report accepted as received.
  7. Regional Training Committee Report – (P. MacDougall)
    1. Upcoming training in BC/Yukon Region – Peter attending training meeting next month. 16 attended Basic Steward Training. Basic Steward Training is on Nov 16 – 18, 2023. BCFNHA Training to be determined in Sept 2023. OHS Training is on Dec 8 - 9, 2023 in Vancouver. To accept Training Committee verbal Report. m/s/c.
    2. National training initiatives – Hope for more courses.
  8. Awards Committee – (P. Mantler)
    1. Executive of the Year – Philip has plaque to be presented by Morgan at Regional Council.
    2. Steward of the Year – AI: Philip to get first reminder out for nominations.
  9. YPN initiative – (D. Chiu) – YPN meeting on June 9, 2023. YPN members attending Regional Council. Each region prepares a budget and has autonomy on what could be spent. To accept YPN Initiative verbal Report. m/s/c.
  10. National initiatives
    1. Legacy Fund & challenge cup (M. Cranny) – Morgan will speak on the Legacy Fund during Regional Council. Track donations and donors’ group.
  11. New Business
    1. Regional Council – ballroom. Meeting starts on June 9, 2023 at 2:00 pm. Seating is assigned. Seating is theatre style. Jenn Carr will be attending virtually due to scheduling conflicts.
    2. RX Elections – max 11 executives. 3 are up for election and could expand to additional 3 positions. Peter will explain elections at Regional Council.
    3. Resolutions – Lauren will present resolution on behalf of Dean at Regional Council.


"Not only has the ITSP Committee never consistently been representative of PIPSC IM/IT Professionals from an EDI perspective, its mandate fails by implicitly excluding the voices of members who require technology-based services from PIPSC. IM/IT Professionals know how to get it done but without input from the people who consume those services we’re missing opportunities to improve collaboration between members and the organization. As the liaison between members and PIPSC’ IT section it is important that ITSP be soliciting membership from outside that IM/IT community."




    1. PIPSC AGM delegate selection – due on June 16, 2023.
    2. Steward Council pre-planning (All) – Oct 20 - 21, 2023. Need agenda. Anti-oppression, Anti-Asian Racism, Anti-Indigenous Racism and ERO Panel will be facilitated. Steward long service awards presented by either Regional Director or President at lunch. AI: Kris will send Colby Briggs a message to present the new Canada health care plan at Steward Council. Prepared draft agenda and put in RX shared drive.
    3. PIPSC visibility items – Davy brought visibility items from storage locker to Regional Council. Wait for feedback from survey from Regional Council.
    4. Shirts for RX – order new shirts. AI: Davy to look into potential suppliers.
    5. Labour School – duty to accommodate. RX recommended to make arrangements to have Labour School April 1 - 13, 2024 at Burnaby Metrotown and second choice Inn on the Quay in New Westminster.
  1. Next Meeting(s)
    1.  August/September – Virtual
    2. Wednesday, October 19, 2023 – 9:00am-5:00pm – Delta Ocean Point, Victoria
    3. December 7, 2023
  2. Roundtable

Morgan – schedule steward check in meeting in mid August. AI: Kris will check with staff who would facilitate steward check in meeting.

  1. Adjournment MOTION: To adjourn. m/s/c