The PIPSC election rules as noted in the National Election Elections Activities states: “If the notice of meeting does not specify whether or not election/campaigning activity will be allowed, it will be interpreted as though it is not allowed.”

It is the intent of the BC/Yukon Regional Executive that candidates for elected positions within PIPSC have a clear understanding of where and to what extent campaign activities may be conducted during BC/Yukon Region events and that all candidates have the same opportunities and limitations in campaigning at events.

Accordingly, the PIPSC National Elections Activities policy will apply at the BC/Yukon Region 2021 Steward Council, subject to the following provisions:

  1. No campaigning is permitted in the event meeting rooms including rooms or areas used for meals. Campaigning will be permitted in foyers, hallways, and other public areas.
  2. No campaign literature or other campaign materials (ie: buttons, balloons, signs, posters, etc) will be permitted in the event meeting room. A table will be provided outside the main meeting room for campaign materials to be displayed and will be available for all candidates. Each candidate will be allowed to put out one item (ie: brochures, pins, etc).
  3. Campaign buttons/pins are to be removed before entering event meeting rooms.
  4. No banners, posters, pictures, or other displays will be permitted either in the event meeting room or in the foyers, hallways and other public areas.
  5. There will be no opportunities provided for candidates to address the members at the event during the course of the event.
  6. No candidate will be permitted to host a hospitality room at the event location during the course of the event.
  7. The BC/Yukon Region logo or a similar likeness is not permitted on any campaign materials.

Campaigning of any type at any other BC/Yukon events under the mandate of the Region and Regional Executive will not be permitted (Basic Steward Training, etc.)

Candidates found violating either the PIPSC National Elections Activities policy or the above provisions will be required to cease any campaigning for the remainder of the event, and will be referred to the National Elections Committee for further action. This policy will be enforced by the BC/Yukon Regional Executive.