Disability Plan

The Public Service Disability Plan

The Disability Insurance (DI) Plan provides employees in the public service with a monthly income benefit if they are unable to work for a lengthy period of time because of a disability that prevents an employee from doing their job – even with medical accommodations.  Members are generally covered by the SunLife plan; however, anyone having held a management position in the public service may be locked into the Industrial Alliance plan.

The DI plan ensures seventy percent of pre-disability salary after a waiting period. The waiting period is the later of thirteen weeks or until the member has exhausted their sick leave bank.  Benefits are indexed to inflation and are good for up to 24 months, after which the member may be required to seek alternative employment if possible or continue to receive benefits.

Filing a Claim

*Note, the following uses information for the Sun Life plan.  Members falling under the Industrial Alliance Plan may follow these instructions, noting the links to their plan are provided in the link section below* 

  1. Notify your PIPSC steward or Employee Relations to ensure that your case receives proper attention before filing.  This person can assist you in understanding the application process.
  2. Inform your direct supervisor that you plan to apply for DI. Ask for any information or materials that he or she can provide.
  3. Consult your physician. If your physician feels that you are unable to work, you will need to complete a Disability Form with your doctor’s assistance.  Your physician must include evidence to support the diagnosis – such as test or mental health screening results.  They must also explain why your disability prevents you from working at all.  It is important they explain why the disability cannot be accommodated by the employer by way of changes to the working environment and procedures. 3.  Notify your PIPSC steward or Employee Relations to ensure that your case receives proper attention.

Remember: it is up to you to provide complete and objective medical proof of your disability as quickly as possible.  Sun Life will not approve a claim which does not include sufficient, objective justification of your doctor’s diagnosis.  Omissions or lack of clarity may result in delays in settling your claim.

Sun Life will provide you with a pamphlet “A Step-by-Step Guide to the Disability Claim Process” after it receives your claim.

Note that Sun Life has the right to request additional medical information from your doctor, or to arrange for your examination by their medical specialists.



Sun Life Disability Plan Site

For most members.

Industrial Alliance Disability Plan Site

For members who held a management position in the public service.