Retirees’ Benefits

Retirees of the CPA and Agency employers are generally covered by the Public Service Health Plan as well as the Pensioners’ Dental Services Plan (PSDP).  As the Health Plan is the same for active and retired employees, members should refer to the Health Plan section for information regarding its coverage.  Dental benefits are afforded under a voluntary plan designed to provide eligible public service pensioners and their dependents with coverage for specific dental services and supplies not covered under provincial or territorial plans. Sun Life administers the Plan.

The benefits provided under the PDSP are similar to those provided under the Dental Care plan, but they are separate plans administered by two different companies.  The Pensioner’s Dental Services Plan is subject to different annual limits than the plan for active members.  Further, unlike the active members plan, the Pensioner’s Plan is funded by contributions from both plan members and the employer.


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