Executive meeting June 17, 2019 (3rd of the year)

Local FTQ (7080 Marion Street) – Trois-Rivières – Meeting began at 9:00 a.m  

  1. Welcome and call to order:

Since Yvon was slightly late, Martine chaired the beginning of the meeting.

In attendance: Yvon Brodeur, Richard Doyle, Stéphanie Fréchette, Martine Lacroix, Hugo Landry, Nancy Lavoie, Réjean Michaud, Benoît Pelletier, Robert Tellier and Christian Tremblay.

Absent: Gerlando Renna.


  1. Reading and adoption of the agenda – June 17, 2019:

No changes required.

Other business will remain open.

Proposed by: Benoît Seconded by: Robert


  1. Reading and adoption of the minutes of the last meeting – May 1 and 2, 2019:

The revised minutes were sent to all; no additional corrections were made.

Proposed by: Benoît Seconded by: Martine



  1. Business arising from the minutes:
    1. Union ribbons: Christian had suggested creating a ribbon that would represent the labour movement. He recently contacted the supplier again and has had no response as of today. Christian also suggested that baseball T-shirts (¾ sleeves) could be purchased.

        Follow-up: Christian


  1. Advanced steward workshop (grievances): given Gerry’s absence, Benoît summarized the progress of the project: an initial workshop will be held on September 27 and 28, 2019, at the Montreal regional office. The workshop will be facilitated jointly by an experienced steward and an ERO.


  1. Whether or not to organize a demonstration in the streets of Trois-Rivières: Christian reminded us that PIPSC is an apolitical organization. An anti-conservative demonstration could be planned, but he believes that a panel discussion or debate with politicians from the different parties would be preferable. Hugo suggested that we could send various questions to the political parties and publish their answers to our members.


  1. “Communications and Information” Committee: Yvon discussed it with the directors of the other regions to obtain a permanent budget. Our region should not be penalized if we go ahead with this project. Yvon will discuss it again at the next Board meeting on July 26 and 27. Follow-up: Yvon


  1. Isolated post allowance (in Gaspé): Yvon met with Yvon Barrière (Regional Executive Vice-President of the Alliance), who discussed the matter with Minister Diane Lebouthillier in the House of Commons. She believed that the case had been settled. Ongoing. Follow-up: Yvon


  1. Problem at CSC: Richard reported that their consultation group’s chair is not very active. We really need to have stewards from this ministry be available full time. Yvon and Martine will submit a project relative to this matter to Debi soon. Follow-up: Yvon and Martine


  1. Activity for the PIPSC 100th anniversary on February 6, 2020: A presentation on PIPSC was made and put on a USB key. Yvon will send it to us in the next few weeks. Yvon will also check the budget allocated to preparing the event Follow-up: Yvon
  3. Director’s Report:
    1. Welcome kit: Yvon reported that Chris Roach, from the Atlantic, presented a kit to the Board that they made in their region. On our side, the content is complete and everything has been sent to translation (pending). With respect to the package (format), we have agreed on a pocket guide. Hugo noted that the electronic version is already available to members.


  1. Regional Youth Standing Committee: Yvon has asked the Board to make this committee permanent nationally. He was informed that the committee will remain a Nationally funded regional committee. However, we could make it a standing committee in our regional bylaws.
  3. Scientific Integrity capsule: Yvon, along with Martin Lessard, presented the idea to the Director of Agri-Food in Lennoxville. He said he was excited about the idea. He suggested producing the capsule first and getting Ottawa’s endorsement afterward.


  1. Autonomy of the regions: at the last Board meeting, the regional directors informed the Executive Committee that forced visits by the VPs in the regions were no longer welcome.  
  2. Treasury:
  3. Report:

Given that Gerry was absent, he added the financial documents to the Drive. It’s up to us to consult them. 

  1. Report of the Regional and National Committees:
    1. Education and learning: Benoit attended the last TEC meeting. New people were around the table, which slowed the pace of work. Benoit tells us that it is difficult to sell to the committee on having our stewards provide our type of experiential training, rather than EROs. He also reported that the training given on June 14 on professional burnout went very well. According to him, it is a good idea to invite (non-steward) members to participate in our trainings. We could also ask Denise Doherty to attend one of our trainings (FTQ style) so she can see how they go.

Robert attended a meeting of the FTQ Education Committee, which will be expanded next September. Several topics were discussed: online addiction (should we be concerned about it), a week on support will be held in 2020, the youth camp will be held from September 18 to 20 in Quebec City, a train the trainer session will be held in the fall of 2019 or sometime in 2020. Four requests on this subject have already been received and others are to come. 

There will be two colleges organized by the FTQ; one for counsellors (who would address our EROs on our behalf) and one for elected members (to address our stewards on our behalf). With respect to elected members, we have already received a request and we could ask our Branch Presidents if they have any nominees to submit. A memo could be written to explain, among other things, what is involved and what is expected of the candidate afterward.

  1. Finance Committee: Benoît had a meeting on May 30. PIPSC's financial statements have been prepared with respect to the pension fund, the building (in trust) and the Heritage Fund. The rental situation of the building at 250 Tremblay in Ottawa is doing well. The next meeting will take place on July 9 and will be dedicated to budgets. 
  2. Hotels: Benoît reported that he had no follow-up to give at this time. Martine pointed out that people enjoyed the Hilton Laval during a recent event. Benoît noted that he is among the hotels bidding.
  3. Youth Committee: Hugo is our liaison officer and he informs us that the first meeting will take place this week, on the 19th. There is no President yet so Hugo is acting on an interim basis. We received two other applications for the seven positions to be filled. Hugo submitted the names of the candidates and suggested accepting them. Seconded by Robert. Candidates accepted unanimously.
  4. Status of Women: Sophie Laporte is now the official President and Stéphanie is our liaison officer. As the committee is not yet official, requests must be made each time for funding. At the next Board meeting (July 26 and 27), Yvon will make representations to make this committee permanent and obtain the necessary budget. If that doesn’t work, Benoît suggested that we organize ourselves regionally by funding their next meeting. 
  5. Task Force on Official Languages: Yvon and his team have prepared an official document and will be forwarding it to us shortly. This task force will become a standing committee Follow-up: Yvon
  6. Bylaws and Policies Committee: the next official meeting will be held next week in Toronto. 
  7. Science Advisory Committee: Pierre Morin was attending the committee meeting that day. 
  8. Human Rights Committee: No report received from Sonia Richard, President of the committee. Robert reported an email received from a member referring to an unfortunate incident that occurred in Winnipeg during a speech given in French by Stéphanie. We asked that an apology be made by those in charge of the event (AFS and CS and National groups) to all those in attendance. Hugo suggested that all AFS, CS and CFIA members receive a copy of the apology. Yvon will discuss it at the next Board meeting Follow-up: Yvon 
  9. Professional Recognition and Qualifications Committee We haven’t heard from our representative, Johanne Potvin. 
  10. Information Technology Services and Projects Committee: Hugo reported that the implementation of the application that replaced E-Claim (C Event and Concur) has been delayed. Members tested the new application and it works well. A logo is now in effect and videos produced by Hugo are currently being translated.
  11. Communication & Information Committee: Hugo reported that the use of Google Drive during the last RC was appreciated. 
  12. Harassment & Violence in the Workplace Committee: Nancy reported that a meeting would take place soon (July 15 or 16) with Yvon and Sandra Guéric.
  13. Election Committee: Nancy informs us that their second meeting went better and that they have built an Excel file, as a corporate memory, for complaints and applications. 


  1. File updates by those in charge:
    1. Branches: Richard informs us that he is satisfied with the meeting of the Branch Presidents, which took place before the RC, and follow-ups were made on the actions planned.


  1. Promotional items: in addition to the T-shirts (baseball style) suggested above, Christian suggested the idea of a box of tissues in the PIPSC colours. Richard suggested buying black shirts. Christian will send us suggestions by email. Robert proposed a budget of $4,000 for future promotional items. Carried unanimously.
  2. Steward Council – September 2019: 

The agenda would include the following guests and items:

-Steve Waterhouse (speaker) will talk about computer security

-Frédéric Durso will share this year’s case law (to be confirmed)

-Sean O’Reilly will talk about Workplace 2.0

-Andrew Whitmore will talk to us about youth committees at the National

In terms of additional suggestions:

-Panel of political candidates (Christian)

-Negotiations with Sunlife (Dejan Toncic)

-Fun activities (i.e. massages, yoga, etc.) (Martine)

-Workshop on sharing union files (Stéphanie)

One nomination was received for Steward of the Year. 

In conclusion, Hugo suggested that the five members of the Organizing Committee hold a conference call that Friday at noon. 


  1. PIPSC AGM (November 8 and 9, 2019):

30 members will represent the Quebec Region, including two observers. Richard will follow up on the rest of the Region.


  1. FTQ Triennial Convention (November 25 to 28, 2019):

Eleven seats have been reserved for each member of the regional Executive. If people are unavailable during this period, we will replace them with other members. 


  1. Lucie Mornault mediation:   

Yvon re-invited Ms. Mornault to provide us with mediation training. This would be a pilot project led by the Quebec Region.

Follow-up: on


  1. Yvon Barrière – VP PSAC:

Yvon heard from Yvon Barrière, who said that the PSAC would be providing training on the federal election. Yvon asked him if we could have guest seats.

Follow-up: on


  1. Miscellaneous 
    1. QRC-2019 follow-up: 

Hugo shared the results of the post-QRC survey (34 responses received). In general, the comments are positive. The adopted resolutions were sent to National. A summary of the debate on the resolutions (accepted, rejected, sent to National) can be found on the Google Drive. Hugo and Stéphanie will ensure follow through on the resolutions.


  1. AGM-Mauricie:

Christian reported that he took the opportunity, during the professional burnout training held at the Delta-Trois-Rivières, to invite those in attendance to the AGM of the Mauricie Branch, which was held on the same dates. Christian thus obtained a very good participation of the members in his event. A request for financial assistance is pending due to the additional costs involved. 


  1. Round table: 
    1. Yvon received an invitation to attend an event at the Space Agency in St-Hubert on June 19. He won’t be available; Robert will replace him. 
    2. Réjean gave a presentation on the PIPSC’s new Health and Wellness Program (HWP) at the Ville-Marie Branch’s AGM. More than 60 people attended the event and everything went well.
    3. Robert wanted to discuss the possibility of producing a Podcast. He will discuss it with the Communication and Information Committee.
    4. Richard will be temporarily stationed at the Valcartier base until August 19.


  1. Date of next meeting and adjournment:

Our next meeting (the 4th of the year) will take place on Thursday, September 5, at 90:00 a.m. in Trois-Rivières before the OSC. 



Proposed by: Robert Seconded by: Nancy