Ontario Regional Executive
May 19, 2018

9:00 am to 4:40 pm

Members (Present)

Peter Gilkinson, Regional Director and ORE Chair, and Labour day parade co-ordinator
Din Kamaldin, ORE Vice-Chair, and Labour day parade co-ordinator
John G. Purdie – Ontario Regional Council Chair & Branch Liaison and Newsletter Editor and the Chair Resolution sub-comittee
Linda Joly – Branch Liaison
Tom Yantsis – Ontario Region Treasurer
Christopher P. L'Estrange – Recording Secretary, Training Committee Recording Secretary and Event Co-ordinator
Judy Chow – Training Committee Member & Lead Social Media Manager
Peter S. Jozsa – Steward Council Chair, and Training Committee Chair & Social Media Manager
Yvonne Snaddon – Training committee member, Branch Liaison and Newsletter Editor & Social Media Manager
Tim Azab – Legacy Foundation Champion and Ontario Regional Council Vice-Chair and Labour Day Parade co-ordinator
Dean Corda – Branch Liaison and Newsletter Editor, Training Committee Member & Social Media Manager, and resolution sub-committee member

Members (Absent)
Secretariat Christopher L’Estrange

Item # /Discussion Summary / Action Required / Completed Action

1. Call to order by the Chair
Motion to begin the meeting promptly at 9:00 am
Moved by: Chris L’Estrange
Seconded by: Linda Joly
Motion Carried

2. Approval of Agenda
Discussion regarding the agenda.
Motion to approve the meeting agenda.
Moved by: Peter Gilkinson
Seconded by: John Purdie
Motion Carried

3. Approval the May 2018 Minutes
Motion to approve the meeting minutes.
Moved by: Peter Gilkinson
Seconded by: Judy Chow
Motion Carried

4. Items arising from the previous minutes
Chris went through the May 9, 2018 minutes to highlight action items as follows:

3. Action Items arising from February 2018 ORE minutes

  • Pete J - Ontario Region Recognition Award to a Branch at the ORC. This will be planned starting in 2019. The Branch President’s may be invited to provide input. Pete will work with the Branch Liaison to decide on a prize and Pete has no doubt that it will be ready for the Steward Council in September.
    Action Required Pete Jozsa & the Branch Liaison
  • AGM Liaison – Murphy Room update re the 2018 PIPSC AGM. The Retired Members Guild has extended their offer to share a room. For discussion.  Yvonne explained that this part of the AGM discussion she has planned for later in the agenda.
    Action Required Agenda Item
  • Linda – Update re planned Ontario Events for 2018 PIPSC AGM.
    Action Required Chris and Yvonne
  • Pete Jozsa will discuss with Heather to arrange the weekend on May 18, 19 for this meeting. Done.
    Completed Action Pete Jozsa
  • The secretary will forward and submit the resolutions which are passed by the ORC to the PIPSC National office for presentation to the PIPSC AGM in November. Sent to committee on April 30, 2018, and receipt confirmed.
    Completed Action Chris L’Estrange
  • Tom to discuss with Finance the creation of a line item for this category (Labour Day Parade) of event. Also Tom tried to have a line item for Human Rights as well. They will take it under advisement.
    Completed Action Tom Yantsis
  • Pete Jozsa - will bring our recommendations to Heather regarding the 2019 Steward Council sin order to obtain quotes.
    Completed Action Pete Jozsa
  • Pete Jozsa to talk with Heather to arrange the meeting and the Christmas appreciation of PIPSC staff at the Grand Hotel for the date of Nov 30/Dec1 which was decided for the event based on ORE availability.
    Action Required Pete Jozsa
  • Tom to get back to Pete regarding the swag for the 2018 Steward’s Council. Ongoing.
    Action Required Tom Yantsis
  • Tom to look at prize ideas for the fundraising table at the PIPSC AGM. Delegates will purchase tickets to put in a jar beside the prize they choose. We need something to attract tickets. The funds raised will go to the legacy cup. 
    Action Required Tom Yantsis
  • Tim Azab to gather some more information on whether there is a limit on the value of the prize for this AGM fundraising table. Tim found that there is a maximum of XXX per prize. Tom will source the item(s) per above.
    Completed Action Tim Azab

5. 2018 Ontario Regional Council de-Briefing – John Purdie
John Purdie had a prepared summary which went up on the overhead.
Lots of great feed back from the delegates regarding the speakers, the topics, the breaks the visual and audio and many other points which the Ontario Region Executive are taking into consideration for future ORC events.
John explained that the feedback was excellent however he didn’t see many comments regarding the panel discussion. Those he saw were positive however.
Chris suggested that the feedback form may be tailored (with Heather’s assistance) to ask specific questions if the executive wants specific feedback. A question could be added asking for comments regarding anything we need feed back on.
The Executive thanked John for an excellent ORC.

6. New Items
Executive Training – Pete Jozsa:
Pete has been arranging a specialized training session for the Ontario Region with an outsourced trainer who has been teaching leaders in the corporate world for many years.
This training will be leadership training and will help the executive to work well as a team in an organized and cohesive way.
The Ontario Executive has actually never had any training in the past and is long overdue.
The training committee in Ontario is now focussed on developing all manner of new and modern ways and topics for stewards, new and experienced, and for leaders in all constituent bodies falling out of and part of the Ontario Region. i.e. Branches, executives and stewards. PIPSC is a union for professionals and is positioning itself for the future.
Completed Action Pete Jozsa

ORC Resolution – smaller Branches representation:
The ORE discussed the best options for addressing the need. The PIPSC by-laws allow some flexibility in 11.1.6 whereby 2 additional delegates may be sent.
Rather than sending observers as was per the resolution, the ORE would like to send delegates. The PIPSC by-laws would give that option. We have a motion below.
Motion:The Ontario Regional Executive shall provide 2 additional delegate seats for the 2019 Regional Council. The allocation of these additional seats shall be determined by the Executive with an emphasis on recognizing smaller branches. (provided that this motion is not in contravention of the PIPSC by-laws.)
Moved by: Yvonne Snaddon
Seconded by: John Purdie
Motion Carried
MotionThat the ORE shall provide one (1) observer for the 2019 Regional Council. The allocation of the observer shall be determined by the Ontario Regional Executive with an emphasis on smaller branches.
Moved by: Tom Yantsis
Seconded by: Peter Gilkinson
Motion Carried
Action Item:for the secretary to submit two resolutions to the BLPC for changing the wording of the PIPSC by-law 11.1.6 to “plus 3” from “plus 2”. And for changes to the Ontario Region by-laws to be consistent with the PIPSC by-laws.
Action Required Chris L’Estrange

Young Professionals Committee representation at the ORC:
The ORE believes the Young Professional Committee presence at the 2018 ORC was very worthwhile. We are interested in doing this again and extending delegate status – funding permitted. This is financially technical.
Tabled to September ORE.

AGM logistics for the Ontario Region:
The Ontario Region was asked by the Retired Members Guild to share a room for hospitality. However, the ORE would prefer to have a room solely for the Ontario Region members.
Yvonne is working with Julie at PIPSC to arrange the breakfast location to be closer – last year it was far from the event.
Other details are still in the planning stage.

OSC – stewards and family costs:
The costs are increasing as attendance increases each year. We have looked at all the costs to see how we can keep within budget. Pete Jozsa has been working with PIPSC and at this point we allow plus one for dinner (steward may bring a guest) and any requests for family members (children) those costs so far have been covered by the steward. The same is case after the financial analysis shows we are unable to cover the additional costs with the budget we have for the event. The plus one rule is consistent with the current by-laws.
Action Item: Pete to further discuss this possibility with Heather.
Motion: Tom to work with Pete on ordering swag for the OSC at XX per attending steward at the council.

Moved by: Pete Jozsa
Seconded by: Chris L’Estrange
Motion Carried
Action Required Pete Jozsa

Google Drive:
The ORE has decided that we will review documents (shared) on a shared google drive.
Yvonne demonstrated the google drive for the ORE.

Dean explained g-suite.

Ontario Steward Council:
Pete presented the OSC agenda. Yvonne noticed some logistical issues with timing. Pete will look at it again and implement some changes as noted.
The National President has accepted the invitation to attend.


7. Committee Reports
TEC report:
Nothing to report.

ITSP report – Dean Corda:
New E-claim is part of the new travel module - Dean explained that we can give a presentation which is available.
G-Suite and Team Drives including the migration of the account.
A best practices document on g-suite is coming.
Google itself has a tutorial as well. Its activity based, very intuitive and easy to use.
Nation Builder is still pretty new. PIPSC web pages have a link to report something; an idea to share etc., use the link and it goes straight to informatics.
The PIPSC email will still be evergreen and continuing changes may be coming continually. The old emails will be archived and available.

Treasurer Report:
Tom presented his report. Our allotment was received in February. It went up a little because our membership has increased slightly.
Motion to approve the treasurer’s report
Moved by: Linda Joly
Seconded by: Dean Corda
Motion Carried

Branch Liaison Report:
Numerous ideas will be communicated to the Branch Presidents after our strategic meeting yesterday.

Young Professionals Committee:
Yvonne says a lot is happening since our last ORE a month ago. The chair of the committee in Ryan O’Bumsawin.
There is YPC portfolio being drafted. Sean O’Reilly was a member of the Youth Committee when he was Youth.
Will there be a symposium at the next PIPSC AGM? Yvonne believes it should be happening. Peter also believes it will happen. He encourages the ORE to attend.
2,066 youth under the age of 40 in the Ontario Region.

Communications Committee Report - Judy Chow
Judy asked for contributions to the Facebook page. We have 144 members now. Up by 20 from a month ago. We will be moderating comments. Already one members comments have attracted our attention. We will remove any inappropriate comments.
All Ontario Executive can add someone. Judy asked that if we add someone we vet them to ensure they are a member of Ontario Region.
Motion: The Ontario Region authorize XXX for the Young Professional Committee to provide survey prizing in the event that alternate funding is not made available from PIPSC.
Moved: Yvonne Snaddon
Seconded: Tom Yantsis

Sometimes PIPSC has changes in their by-laws that affects every sub-group, region, group, branch must update their by-laws.
Next meeting is July 6. They will be selecting the new Parliamentarian (and usually comes from the BLPC) and they are in process with creating the resolution sub-committee.

Legacy Cup report: Tim Azab
We would like to see more donations from PIPSC members to this Foundation.
Tim would like to bring to our attention that a tax receipt is provided for any donation over XX.
Tim asked that the Ontario Regional Executive consider donating funds to the Foundation. He asked for XXX.
The ORE spoke to this. The amount is excessive.
Peter asked that we defer this conversation until the PIPSC AGM.
Tim advised that this issue was addressed last year by the PIPSC Board of Directors. They have clarified that the Regions can give up to XXX annually to the Legacy Cup.

Action Item: Pete Jozsa to prepare an email to Branch Liaison’s regarding the Legacy Cup and compile a list of all sub-group presidents for use by the Branch Liaison.
Motion: Ontario Region will donate XXX to the Legacy Foundation.
Some discussion ensued.
Amended Motion: Change the figure to XXX.

First: Pete Jozsa
Seconded: Peter Gilkinson
The amended motion is now the motion.
Motion: Ontario Region will donate XXX to the Legacy Foundation.
First: Tim Azab
Seconded: Pete Jozsa
Action Item: Tom to write a cheque to the Legacy Cup for XXX.
Linda Joly left the meeting in the early afternoon due to personal reasons.
Resolutions Committee:
John Purdie and Dean Corda are the newly formed Resolutions Committee.
Director’s Report:
Peter Gilkinson presented his report.
There were no questions.

ORE Resolutions to be brought to the PIPSC AGM:
The resolutions from yesterdays meeting, were brought up on the screen.
These were brought forward for discussion and a vote.
First Resolution:
Whereas: PIPSC has spent on average $2 million a year on outsourced legal fees
Whereas: PIPSC has a standing Bylaws and Policies Committee
Whereas: It is more cost effective to use the Bylaws and Policies Committee vs external legal
Whereas: The Bylaws and Policies Committee are trained in matters of interpretation
Be it resolved that: where assistance is required in matters of interpretation of PIPSC bylaws and policies, the matters be referred first to the Bylaws Committee
And be it further resolved that: new bylaw be enacted as follows Interpretation of Institute By-laws, Regulations and Policies
When the Board of Directors requires assistance in interpreting Institute By-laws, Regulations and Policies, the matters shall be referred first to the By-Laws and Policies Committee.
Motion: That the ORE support the resolution to be presented at the PIPSC AGM.
First: Peter Gilkinson
Second: Tim Azab
The ORE voted on accepting the revised resolution (first one) to be sent to the PIPSC AGM and it passed 10-0 with one voter absent.
Second Resolution:
Whereas, the positions of Vice President were created at a PIPSC AGM
Whereas, the duties were not defined
Whereas, over the years, the assignment of work to the Vice Presidents has been a source of conflict
Whereas, the membership at the 2017 PIPSC AGM reaffirmed support for the concept of 4 Vice Presidents
Whereas, under the current by-laws, no work could be assigned
Be it resolved that, the following new By-Law be adopted
20.2.1 Portfolios The President shall assign to each Vice-President one of the following portfolios annually

  1. Finance

  2. Negotiations

  3. Consultation

  4. Canada Labour Congress and Recruitment

Motion: The ORE support the resolution to be presented at the PIPSC AGM.
First: Peter Gilkinson
Second: Tim Azab


8. Round Table
John forgot to mention that the flash drives were a success ORC.
John also asked about ERO availability in the Region. John believes we are short staffed in Ontario.
Action Item: Peter will speak with Marcia.
Peter thanked us all for such a great meeting.
Action Required Peter Gilkinson

9. Meeting adjourned at 4:40 pm
Peter Gilkinson thanked the Executive for a productive meeting.