Ontario Regional Executive
December 1, 2018

Time 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Members (Present)

Peter Gilkinson, Regional Director and ORE Chair, and Labour day parade co-ordinator

Din Kamaldin, ORE Vice-Chair, and Labour day parade co-ordinator

John G. Purdie – Ontario Regional Council Chair & Branch Liaison and Newsletter Editor and the Chair Resolution sub-committee

Linda Joly – Branch Liaison

Christopher P. L'Estrange – Recording Secretary, Training Committee Recording Secretary and Event Co-ordinator

Judy Chow – Training Committee Member & Lead Social Media Manager

Peter S. Jozsa – Steward Council Chair, and Training Committee Chair & Social Media Manager

Yvonne Snaddon – Training committee member, Branch Liaison and Newsletter Editor & Social Media Manager, Young Professionals liaison

Tim Azab – Legacy Foundation Champion and Ontario Regional Council Vice-Chair and Labour Day Parade co-ordinator

Dean Corda – Branch Liaison and Newsletter Editor, Training Committee Member & Social Media Manager, and resolution sub-committee member

Members (Absent) Tom Yantsis, Ontario Region Treasurer
Alternates None
Invitees/Observers None
Presenters None
Secretariat Christopher L’Estrange

Item # / Discussion Summary / Action Required / Completed Action

1. Call to order by the Chair
Motion to begin the meeting promptly at 9:00 am
Moved by: Tim Azab
Seconded by: Judy Chow
Motion Carried

2.Approval of Agenda
Discussion regarding the agenda.
Motion to approve the meeting agenda.
Moved by: Peter Gilkinson
Seconded by: Din Kamaldin
Motion Carried

3.Approval the September 2018 Minutes
Motion to approve the meeting minutes.
Moved by: Din Kamaldin
Seconded by: Chris L’Estrange
Motion Carried

4.Items arising from the previous minutes

Chris went through the September 6 & 7, 2018 minutes to highlight action items as follows:
Action Items

  • Tom - legacy cup prize contribution at the PIPSC AGM.
    Completed Action Tom
  • Pete Jozsa to prepare an email to Branch Liaison’s regarding the Legacy Cup and compile a list of all sub-group presidents for use by the Branch Liaison.
    Completed Action Pete J
  • Judy to price out the button maker and bring it back to the ORE for further consideration.
    Action Required Judy

5.New Items
2018 AGM – post mortem – Yvonne Snaddon
The hospitality suite had some issues on the Friday night. A couple of delegates came to the room on Friday night to pick up swag and it wasn’t open until 11 pm.
Next time, we should mark names of delegates off a list to ensure that all the Ontario delegates receive their swag.
The times of the hospitality should be sent out ahead of time.
Better planning and co-ordination of the hospitality.
The role of the event co-ordinator needs to be defined.
We had more delegates sitting in our Ontario section at the AGM.
Going through the resolutions in the CS suite with our delegates was valuable for the Ontario delegates.
Each year we make improvements from adding the seat backs and we are trying to get a Murphy room.
Tim was on the election committee and he said this was a lot of work.
Comments were made (Bill Sukloff) that the communication was the best he’s ever seen, and that Ontario did a great job.
The Saturday night hospitality was well attended.
We can discuss what the executive thinks best course would be for the 2019 AGM. We discussed setting a roster of the ORE to be present at the Friday night hospitality and maybe Saturday night as well.

2019 ORC – John Purdie
John said that everything is moving along well.
Yvonne wonders if we could have a room set aside to do yoga.

Guest Speaker Leo Fleury:

John advised that he has paid the invoice for this guest speaker.

The motion at the last meeting regarding this speaker was to pursue the idea. However, John has booked the speaker. While we haven’t voted to approve this speaker, it is a moot point now.

Additionally, John had sent out an email on September 24 asking for a yes or no. the majority (John recalls when 6 voted yes) he contacted Heather to go ahead and book the speaker.

We discussed having better communication around making a big decision like this one. A conference call or some other way of sharing the votes. The least effective or preferable way of communicating is email.

Some felt email was the most effective method. We decided to make a motion to determine how we vote on important issues between meetings.

The secretary should quantify the vote.

Motion: That voting conducted by email will be governed as follows:

  • The email should have VOTE REQUIRED and
  • a date to respond by in the caption and body, and
  • the secretary will compile and report all results including abstentions
  • Executive will send their vote as a “reply all”.
  • The originator of the vote will determine a reasonable deadline.
  • The email shall normally be sent out by the secretary.

Call the question:
Move: Peter Gilkinson
Second: Christopher L’Estrange

Vote on the motion
Move: Peter Gilkinson
Second: Tim Azab

The speaker is a sensitive subject, and we discussed having a prepared message to bring this to the awareness of the ORC.

Action Item: John will prepare a disclaimer regarding the nature of the topic of the speaker at the ORC.
Action Required John Purdie

Bulletin Board – Pete Jozsa
Pete brought this to the ORE because it was brought to him by a member.
An over head was put on the screen with the example of this bulletin board.
Would we be interested in using this concept with our Branches?

Action Item: Pete Jozsa will coordinate the activity and send out the branch liaisons to be communicated to the Branch presidents to get them involved in this idea.
Action Required Pete Jozsa

OSC - 2019
Location - Hyatt Regency.
In September 2019 some groups will be in bargaining, and the Federal election is in October, and we may want to prepare a rally.
The theme of the OSC is political activism. It will be limited by the rules governing political activism.

Action Item: Pete to look into a guest speaker – some possibilities were preliminarily discussed.
Action Required Pete Jozsa

Action Item: Peter Gilkinson will request the 2019 Federal election be added to the BOD January agenda. Specifically, to discuss the official position of PIPSC.
Action Required Peter Gilkinson

OSC - 2020
We have three possible venues.
Niagara Falls, Kinston and Windsor.
All three are under budget.
Pete Jozsa gave a short speech regarding Kingston. He lives in Kingston and has many contacts which he could approach as guest speakers, and other ideas he has for the event if it is held in Kingston.
We did a round table.

Motion: That the executive select Kingston as the location of the OSC in 2020.

Moved: John Purdie
Seconded Tim Azab

Action Item: Pete Jozsa will notify Heather of our decision.
Action Required Pete Jozsa

Note: Planning meeting agenda item – selecting locations of events – any policies we should be aware of – family friendly etc.

Holding events at First Nations hotels – Din

Din as our Human Rights Committee representative wanted to bring this idea to the executive.

BOD Policy for allocating the Murphy Rooms at the PIPSC AGM.

The allocation should be on proportional representation.

Action Item: Peter will bring this subject to the January Board of Directors meeting (to ask for the criteria for allocating the Murphy Rooms) and he will be sending us his wording ahead of time for our input.
Action Required Peter Gilkinson

Dinner seating (last night) – Feed back

Maybe we should have had a more intimate seating arrangement, everyone was far apart to allow conversation networking and discussion with everyone. The food took a long time and this made the evening longer and later.

Committees of the Board:

The ORE reviewed the submissions from the Ontario Region.

A discussion of each list of candidates for the individual committees were discussed and the Ontario Region selected our recommendations for Peter to take our considerations to the board.

Note: At the next planning and strategy meeting we will discuss the Ontario Region approach for 2019 selections.

Young Professionals
Yvonne asked if she could have another ORE to assist with the Young Professionals Committee. Linda volunteered.

PIPSC Building Update
Peter wanted to bring to our attention the fact that the topic of the PIPSC building is on the next BOD meeting agenda for this week.

Withdrawn Motions 2018 AGM
We withdrew a motion and we should bring it back next year. It will be brought to the 2019 ORC.

Broadbent events and Lobby Day etc.,
Note: For planning meeting we should try and devise a strategy for choosing people to represent the Region.

Bereavement and similar
This would go through the secretary for the ORE approval (by vote) and Judy has volunteered to arrange the flowers etc.

Ontario Region by-law amendment proposal
John presented the by-law 11.1.6 for discussion on wording. It’s the intention of the ORE to bring this to the 2019 ORC for approval for submission to the 2019 PIPSC AGM.

ORC – 2020 plans

Heather will be booking the location and asks that the ORE consider the quotes and choose the location from the choices she has sourced.

We discussed the locations, Collingwood, Muskoka, Kingston, Toronto and Windsor. All were well within budget.

We all discussed the choices and narrowed them down to two choices - Caesars Windsor or Marriott Muskoka.

A vote resulted in Windsor as our choice which was also the lowest cost price.

Note: That for our strategic planning meeting we should try and devise a strategy where we bring the information to one meeting and make a decision at the following meeting.

Action Item: We agreed that at the next meeting we will identify the locations of our ORC and OSC locations.
Action Required ORE

6. Committee Reports

Treasurer Report:
Tom is absent and sent his report by email ahead of this meeting. Our budget has funds available to cover the expenses for the rest of this calendar year.

Motion to approve the treasurer’s emailed report
Moved by: Din Kamaldin
Seconded by: Chris L’Estrange
Motion Carried

Branch Liaison Report:

The last President’s call was well attended.

The President’s have asked that for succession planning they would suggest having their vice-presidents to the next Branch Presidents meeting prior to the ORC.

There would be an additional unknown cost.

Given the fact that the Treasurer is not present and the cost is unknown, and we have too little time to plan this for the 2019 ORC and Branch Presidents meeting we will defer this discussion to the following year – 2010 ORC and BPM.

Legacy Cup report: Tim Azab

Ontario Region lost the Legacy Cup by less than 1%.

It was very close, and was based on a per capita amount on a competitive basis between the Regions.

Regional Training Committee:

Heather is putting together some proposals for Spring 2019 for executive training. We are hoping (based on cost) that at least one person per branch will attend. This is currently in the planning stage, and is expected to be held at the Grand Hotel.

Action Item: Pete to follow up with Heather for a proposal for the month of June 21 and 22, 2019.

Ontario Steward Council – feed-back:

The reception and the dinner took too long. Otherwise everything was positive. We will get a quote for 2021 and consider it with the other quotes.

ITSP Report:

Presentation about Professionals Canada.
IT information centre implementation plan was discussed.
Virtualizing services.
A discussion on Tips and Tricks on G-Suite. Google has this and it’s available in both official languages.
The form section links back to the old website, but that’s the only

Communications Committee Report – Judy Chow

We have 237 members on Facebook.


To follow

Finance Committee

Tom is absent.

7.Director’s Report
Director’s Report:

Peter Gilkinson presented his report.

There were no questions.

8.Round Table
Great meeting (Peter G).

ORE Camera needs a repair, Judy will get an estimate and bring to next meeting.
Action Required Judy Chow

Merry Christmas everyone. (All)

9. Meeting adjourned at 5:00 pm
Peter Gilkinson thanked the executive for a productive meeting.