Ontario Region Executive Meeting - September 9, 2022 - White Oaks

Present:         J. Purdie, C. L’Estrange, T. Yantsis, A. Stone, P. Tsuji, D. Kamaldin, R. Kaura, B. Brawley, T. MacDonald, Mandy Chan

Regrets:         T, Zaharapoulos

The meeting was called to order at 9:04 a.m.

  1. Opening remarks

Director acknowledged land usage.  Resumed the meeting from September 8, 2022, with the first topic Steward Council 

  1. Steward Council

Discussed the Agenda for the Steward Council and arranged that Tina MacDonald would lead the Other Groups breakout session and Bridget Brawley would help with the session for any delegates without a group.

The Director will introduce the ORE at or around 1:15 pm.  This is a training event not a business meeting.

10 Year pins:           

Mandy Chan

Din Kamaldin

15 Year pin:             

Bridget Brawley

20 Year pin:             

John Purdie

Discussion on how the official pronouncement of the Steward of the Year would be announced.  The Director was willing to make a presentation at the OSC, if needed.  The ORE is to encourage nominations for Steward of the Year for next year’s OSC.                                               

  1. Director’s report

There is not a formal Director’s Report but the Director updated the ORE on certain topics.  The BOD Outreach program has the next BOD scheduled for PEI next week.  One important item on the Agenda is Audited Financial Statements (Institute) has a June Year end but the Building Trust has a December Year end.

The BOD is in the final stages of a Governance document that will be member driven and there will be a push to have things in writing.  Ray Hall is currently filling in for Dennis Britt.

The RFI for Auditors was not submitted in time for this fiscal period so there will be a motion at the PIPSC AGM that auditors be appointed for 1 year for the following year.

In practice, the Chair of any committee should be a member of the BOD.  The BOD will generally accept the recommendations of the Region 99% of the time.  We need to examine who will represent the Ontario Region for each of the committees.  If someone applies for the Chair position, they will also be considered for the member position if they are unsuccessful in their application for the Chair position.

  1. New business

a) OSC

Pizza will be available at hospitality at or around 10:30 pm and marshmallows will be available at the Fire Pit.

b) Long Service Awards

The Director will announce the names of the Award winners and Mandy Chan will take the group pictures and Bridget Brawley will photograph the 10 Year group.

c) Extra Night Accommodation

The Director discussed the extra night accommodation and the stewards would need to have their guest sign in to qualify for the extra night accommodation.

d) Christmas Dinner

The Director confirmed that the staff will be joining us for Christmas dinner on December 16, 2022 at Mezza Notte and the hotel accommodations will be at Novotel.

MOTION to provide the staff with the option to stay at the hotel or to have their taxi fare paid by the ORE

Moved:           Anthony Stone

2nd:                 Tom Yantsis  Carried

e) Steward of the Year

This topic was discussed in great detail earlier in the meeting.

f) PIPSC Website

The topic of the website has been discussed at the June Board meeting and priorities have been set out in a report but the Board also wants to get input from the Advisory Council.  The Provincial Groups Liaison wants to create an area for the Ontario Group forms.  The responsibility for the website is Informatics and Heather Kohli needs to be contacted by email to request changes to the website.

  1. Round table - Tom Yantsis - the ORE clothing orders were confirmed by the Treasurer.

MOTION to re-imburse ORE members who did not attend the Breakfast with either 2 Tim Horton gift cards or the cost of the meal purchased.

Moved: Anthony Stone

2nd:  Tom Yantsis  Carried

6. Next Meeting

December 16, 2022, Novotel Hotel