Ontario Region Executive - July 8, 2023

Delta Hotels by Marriott Kingston Waterfront

Present: J. Purdie, C. L’Estrange, T. Yantsis, B. Brawley, T. MacDonald, S. Labbé, M. Chan, A. Stone, T. Zaharopoulos

Regrets: D. Kamaldin, R. Kaura

Meeting called to order at 9:15 am

  1. Opening remarks

Director acknowledged land usage.  

  1. Approval of Agenda

Motion to approve agenda Consensus

  1. Approval of minutes

Motion to approve Minutes Strategic June 2 Consensus

Motion to approve Minutes June 3 Consensus

  1. Matters Arising / Tracking Report – John

Reviewed and updated Action Item document, as a group.

Closed item: Swag items for new Stewards: $ for 60 units = $pp

  1. Treasurer’s Report – Tom Y.

Treasurer reviewed financial situation and current expenditures in his Treasurer’s report.

Swag items for OSC will be HRDC hoodies & mugs, as discussed. AGM swag items have not been explored yet. Report accepted as presented.


  1. Committee reports
      1. PRQC – Paul T. report – secretarially
      2. BLPC – Mandy C.

Stephanie has temporarily stepped down as Chair, Scott M. is Chair and will also be Chair of Resolution sub-committee during AGM. Discussion to understand the procedures for BLPC review. When a change is submitted to the BLPC, as a Committee it will be reviewed and recommendation will be sent up to the BoD. Then BOD can approve; and if so, send to be posted by National and Communication.  Revised and approved bylaws sent back to constituent body by the regional rep on the BLPC.  AGM motions are not being accepted yet, these start 12 weeks prior to AGM. Ontario bylaws have changed during the ORC and they have been submitted. Committee agreed with the changes.

Forward resolutions at ORC that affect OR bylaws & send them to Heather (translation), bring them to BLPC meeting so that they can be reviewed/recommended and then brought to BoD.

Action: Mandy Chan

  1. Finance – Tom Y.

No meeting yet, next scheduled in July, will review during next meeting.

  1. HRDC – Din K. (ab)

Event that Din attended was supposed to be passed up to HRDC first as this event was fully within HRDC scope.

  1. ITSP – Rama Agarwal (no report provided)
  1. SA – Tina M.

No meeting, nothing to report. Email was sent to promote environmentally friendly practices.

National Training – Bridget B.

Meeting went well. Discussion of National Steward Officer (NSO). Creating different streams and paths for steward training. Looking to bring a second Labor School for Ontario region. Aiming to align training products nationally and regionally. Budgeting for 2 Basic, 2 Labor School + 1 Executive Training for July 2024-June 2025.

  1. ORE COMMITTEES / Liaison
    1. Training Committee – Bridget B. – secretarially

Steward and Executive of the year went out June 23rd and was posted to PIPSC website. Deadline August 25th, 2023. Virtual meeting to be scheduled.

Discussion on the Criteria 2) c). 

Motion to change “is” replace it “may be”.

Moved: Anthony

2nd: Tom Z. Consensus

Action: Bridget Brawley

Tentative schedule is in the briefing note. Will know in November if the Fall 2024 Labour School will be approved. Discussion with Heather for planning possibility for Fall 2024 Labor School & Executive Training. 

Action: Bridget Brawley

Core training for Executives will be held Oct 27 & 28, 2023 at the Hilton Mississauga (Meadowdale) was sent to Branch Presidents. Full 2-day meeting. Discussion on training attendee numbers and future locations. Locations and other items should be reviewed by ORE when possible.

  1. Bylaw & Policy – Mandy C.

Mandy has nothing to report. Sabrina is creating one comprehensive document for the BLPC with a proper working table of contents (TOC).

  1. Visibility Mobilization – Mandy C.

Mandy, Din and Sabrina have been discussing Labor Day Parade. Poster will be sent to Heather shortly after this meeting as it takes 3 weeks to be translated. Funding discussion to ensure we can cover projected number of attendees. Discussion on the parade itself and the potential of a float: truck rental and utility trailer rental. After the parade, logistics discussed to distribute meal and wristbands.

Motion: Will ORE pay for accommodation for John, Mandy & Sabrina night before

Moved: Tom Y.

2nd: Tom Z. Passed

Registration is July 28th. Din will be taking care of registration at the event. 

Action: Din K.

  1. Ontario Provincial Group – Tina M. – secretarially

Discussion on how bargaining is a big part of membership morale. Will discuss concerns with Director. First Bill 124 discussion to come, should increase morale. Next meeting is in October 2023. Creation of Google Drive, successful means of communication. Attendance is increasing. Ongoing issues are being discussed and addressed. Training (and cost) analysis underway. Training topic suggestions were provided. Campaigning to increase visibility that will impact future students and professionals in the field. Discussion on Swag – pen flashlights are super useful. Labor Day parade swag kits.

OFL recap. Virtual attendance, September is first meeting. Business case to be prepared to request funding for salary reimbursement to BoD, as OFL will not pay. BoD will need to approve such a request. 

  1. Young Professionals – Rachit K. (ab)

John’s observations: First meeting was held June 23-24. Diverse group from different areas. Use of other events presence to promote their Committee. Brainstorming on events and mobilization. John will be bringing it up to national AGM to create Young Professional as a Board Committee. It would guarantee a presence (1 person) in attendance. Attendance was denied for a member based on being an essential worker.

  1. Branch Liaison – Tina M.

Next meeting July 31, sending out Agenda. Currently use of Zoom meetings. 

  1. Legacy Foundation – Chris

Discussion on how we can obtain our own information on cup progression but would not be privileged to others groups’ information. Discussion of John’s Governor position and what information he has access to.

Contact National Champion Stacey to obtain information on Ontario status. 

Action: Chris L.

Discussion on promotional funding ideas to increase fund donations and potentially win the cup.

Contact NCR champion (Stacey) organizer to get best practices.

Action: Chris L.

  1. Regional Council – Anthony

Contacted Heather and has begun planning next ORC. Communication between Chair and Vice-Chair is set-up.  Election Committee 2024. Chair – Bridget, members – Chris, Sabrina, Mandy & Tina. Break out groups, invited speakers, mostly confirmed. Allotted 30 minutes. Guest speakers Patricia Chong (education officer) was contacted and 2 subjects were discussed. AI topic was favored. She has recommended a number of professors. John confirmed that President Carr wants to attend. There will be no virtual delegates as it is not cost effective.

Motion to have 2024 ORC in-person only.

Moved: Anthony

2nd: Sabrina Passed

Motion that keynote guest speaker subject is AI’s impact on work in all industries.

Moved: Anthony

2nd: Tom Z. Passed

Discussion on 2024 ORC location as per quotes. 

Motion that ORC accept the Westin Collingwood bid for the 2025 ORC

Moved: Anthony

2nd: Chris Opposed

Motion that ORE accept the Caesars Windsor bid for the 2025 ORC.

Moved: Bridget

2nd: Tom Y. Passed

Chair asks ORE to supply some children and/or family friendly activities in Windsor. Action: ORE 

  1. Steward Council – Bridget

Agenda has been finalized, placed in shared drive. Discussion on final version. Proposed certain adjustments to Agenda. Trivia activity will be discussed with the training committee. Friday morning will be Treasurer training. Tom Y. reviewing PPT and will likely need members to assist in delivery. Discussion Legacy funding ideas discussion.

Motion to ORE task the legacy fund champ to obtain gaming license for 50/50 draw for OSC Sept 2023.

Moved: Chris

2nd: Anthony Consensus

  1. Director’s Report – John – secretarially

All the big groups are in negotiations. John has been able to mobilize and through outreach efforts has been able to hear concerns. Tom Y. will have a role in AGM as member of resolution committee. Director of Finance has not been hired. Almost no candidates applied. The Executive Director is not set up, to run the Institute. Director has been dealing with consultation teams and their budgets. Tom Y. & Heather have worked on budget templates. Provided a budget for all 6 mtgs, ORC, OSC and BoD. Swag is not added to template. Goal is to be as accurate and inclusive in the budget. 

Work the Regional Training Committee into the ORE mtg, ORE Mtg #4

Action: Tom Y.

  1. New Business
    1. PIPSC AGM – John

Pre-cursor email sent to Branch Presidents. Observers are virtual only. Not accepting observer lists. Deadline to be observer, Nov 10th, 2023. Delegate registration begins July 17th, 2023 and will close Sept 29th, 2023. Can opt-in to be a virtual delegate. Discussion on procedures and deadlines for delegate cancellation and substitution. Sunday morning will be the Ontario Region Caucus, Resolutions and discussions in preparation will be done during ORE Sept 21st, 2023.

  1. Kingston Meet & Greet

Logistics discussed. Goal is to mingle with membership.

  1. Round Table

Tom Y – Treasurer training PPT slides discussion. 

Tina – training needs for provincial/consultation and how to obtain it.

Tom Z – will look into the Consultation training

All others had no further topics for discussion.

Meeting adjourned at 4:45pm.