Meeting Minutes

BC/Yukon Region - Regional Executive 

October 17th 13:00 to 17:00 and October 18th 09:00 to 12:00, 2019



Phil Mantler (Chair)

Carl Cahoon (Vice Chair, Awards Committee - Chair)

Karen Hall (Secretary)

Ken Antao (Member at Large)

Robert MacDonald (Regional Director)

Pete MacDougall (Treasurer, Training Committee - Chair)

Adele McLean (Member at Large)

Philip Tam (Member at Large)


Ernie McClean

Harinder Mahil





Meeting called to order –  13:15

  1. Approval of Agenda  (All)
  • Motion to approve the agenda
    • m/s - carried
  1. Approval of Previous Minutes (All)
  • Not completed for this meeting – will be sent around for approval post meeting
  1. Business Arising from September 18th meeting (All)
  1. Recruitment Video: 
    • Carry forward into New Business
  2. Adding Young Professionals as delegates to Regional Council, to be appointed by Reg Exec
    • Action:  K Hall to develop a poster for call to members for 2020 Regional Council based on previous AGM delegate poster - Ongoing
  3. Reception for training session participants on December 6th - Completed
  4. Executive and Steward of the Year Award
    •  Action: C Cahoon to contact Regional Executive of the Year to arrange for presentation - ongoing
  5. Regional Council Debrief
    • Action: Regional Director and Chair will contact Dan Jones to determine if he would be interested in being Regional Council Chair for 2020.  – Completed
  6. BC Fed/Yukon Fed Membership – ongoing
  7. Legacy Fund Donation
    • Action:Treasurer to determine which fiscal this will come out of the Regional budget  - ongoing
  8. Regional AGM Formula
    • Action: P MacDougall to draft policy - ongoing
  1. Regional Director Report   (R. MacDonald)
  • Motion:  Regional Executive accepts the Regional Director Report September 19 to October 17, 2019  M/S–carried
  • Report is attached
  1. Office/Staff Report (E McLean)
  • Motion: Regional Executive accepts the Office Report m/s – Carried
  • Copy of the updated Representational Services Responsibilities provided to the Regional Executive for their information
  1.  Financial Report  (P. MacDougall)
  • Motion: Regional Executive accepts the verbal Financial Report m/s
  • Discussion on AGM Legacy Fund Table and what other regions are doing
    • Motion: Regional Executive to support an increase to the Regional Funds that were approved last meeting from $100 to $450 for the gift card for the AGM Legacy Fund Table.  m/s – carried
  • Reminder for Executive to get receipts into the Treasurer
  1. Regional Training Committee Report (P MacDougall)
  • Motion: Regional Executive accepts the verbal Training Committee Report m/s – carried
  • Committee met the morning of October 17th reviewed the Terms of Reference and reviewed ongoing activity
    • Lunch an Learns are not a popular request in this region
    • Pension and Benefits Session yet to be held – concern that demand will out weigh supply
  1. National Initiatives
  1. Better Together (P Mantler/R MacDonald)
    • Discussion on future locations occurred
    • Discussion occurred regarding teleworkers and remote workers and how the union could be interacting with these members
    • Action: K Hall will develop a draft survey based on brainstorm session to send out to members.
  2. PIPSC 100th anniversary (Feb 6th, 2020 Reg Ex Meeting and reception)
    • Motion: The Regional Executive supports the use of up to $1500 of Regional Funds to purchase gifts for the February 6th Legacy Reception in the BC-Yukon Region.  m/s -carried
    • Action: A McLean and K Antao will arrange for swag for the reception
    • Action: R MacDonald to continue with digitizing process of Regional Documents and Pictures
  3. Legacy Fund (K Antao)
    • A review of the process for the Steward Council was provided by K Antao
  1. New Business
  1. Steward Council Update
      • R MacDonald reported that we have 60% of our stewards registered for Council
      • Agenda was reviewed
      • Steward Recruitment Video
        • A McLean guided the Regional Executive in conversation on the focus of the recruitment video (e.g. new stewards, young professionals, employment equity groups).
        • Suggestions were also provided on key words we would like to focus on and emphasizing this to participants
  2. Steering Committee (Chair)
      • Reminder to the group to encourage members to put their names forward for Committee’s of the Board – an extension to the deadline was provided
  1. Next Meeting(s)
    • Thursday December 5th Vancouver
    • Thursday February 6th Vancouver
  1. Adjournment @   15:35  m/s- carried

Regional Director’s Report – October 14, 2019 – Regional Executive Meeting

Home of the PIPSC’s Legacy Cup! 

Period: September 19, 2019 – October 14, 2019

Federal Election!  

It is true, we get the government we deserve!  All 60,000 PIPSC members need to ensure our neighbours, friends and family understand how their votes impact public services and public professionals!  As public professionals we always need to challenge the myths and keep changing the conversation to protect public services. 

The PIPSC website has the latest information on PIPSC efforts during this election campaign and the on-line tool kit for the upcoming federal election:

Vote to protect public services! 


Less than a month has passed since my last report (September 18).  Thanks to all those who attended our recent events in Chilliwack (Vedder Crossing) and Agassiz in September.  We had five new steward sign up after these two events.  Planning is underway for additional Small Community Outreach events in early 2020.   

Member are encouraged to plan events in their own workplace.  Check out our ‘Do Better’ campaign. .

The 2019 BC/Yukon Region Key Activities Calendar has been posted on our regional web page: .

National / Board Initiatives

Pursuant to the Board mandate letters, and additional assignments, my focus over this last period has included: 

  • Professionals Canada – Task Force Co-Chair:   It is time to innovate as a labour union!  Consultations have been completed and final reporting to the Board and Advisory Council will be completed in October.  A Board sponsored resolution will be presented at the 2019 AGM.   A total of 158 questions and concerns from the consultation period have been addressed.  I hope delegates from this Region attending the AGM will consider the merits of the progressive proposal. 
  • Chair, Executive Compensation Committee (ECC):  The ECC is preparing to initiate the next Triennial Review process which would take effect on Jan. 1, 2022 (after the next election).    
  • Board Orientation:  An Orientation / Training framework is being developed.     
  • Innovation: Continuing to prepare an outline and work plan.  
  • Governance:  Assisting in the development of governance documents for the bargaining agents at the National Joint Council (NJC). 
  • Building Trust:  No significant matters addressed during this period.  
  • Life Insurance Trust:  New promotional strategy rolled out and will be profiled at AGM. 

Let me know if you have any questions or comments on my Board appointments (elected) and the specific portfolios assigned by the President / CEO.   The Board mandates can be found on the PIPSC website. 

Events Attended

  • Regional Executive Meetings / Events:
    • None during this period.
  • Regional Meetings / Events / Conference Calls: 
    • Okanagan Branch AGM – September 25
    • Regional Office Meeting – October 15
  • Board Meetings / National Events:
    • Life Insurance Trust – September 19
    • Executive Compensation Committee – September 30
    • Board of Directors – October 8
    • Regional Directors Meeting – October 9
    • NJC – Bargaining Agents Governance Meeting – October 10

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please feel free to contact me at 236-888-8739 or .

Game day…game on!  

In Solidarity


Robert K. MacDonald, B.A., MRM


Director, BC/Yukon Region