Meeting Minutes

BC/Yukon Region - Regional Executive 

Thursday, December 5, 2019  9:30am to 4:00pm

Wosk Centre for Dialogue

580 West Hastings St. Vancouver, BC




Phil Mantler (Chair)

Karen Hall (Secretary)

Ken Antao (Member at Large)

Robert MacDonald (Regional Director)

Pete MacDougall (Treasurer, Training Committee - Chair)

Philip Tam (Member at Large)




Ernie McClean

Harinder Mahil






Meeting called to order –  09:35


  1. Approval of Agenda  (All)
  • Motion to approve the agenda
      • m/s - carried


  1. Approval of Previous Minutes (All)
  • December 5, 2019


  1. Business Arising (All)
  1. Reception for training session participants Thursday, December 5th 2019
    • Completed
    • R MacDonald asked the Executive to consider if these receptions are engaging members vs just hosting a hospitality suite
  2. Member Engagement
    • Bring Forward to Future Agenda:  tabled to 2020/2021
  3. Adding Young Professionals as delegates to Regional Council
      1. Action: K Hall presented draft and will update with comments
  4. Steward Recruitment Video
      1. R MacDonald showed a draft of the first video.  Exciting!
      2. Action: Executive asked to send comments within the week on the direction/messaging we would like to show in the videos
      3. Action: R MacDonald to seek comments from Pierre Charpentier
  5. Policy on assisting Branches with funding to allow distantly located Branch members to attend Branch AGMS (all)
      1. This was deemed to be successful and the Executive agreed to support the development of a policy to guide all Branches
      2. Conditions for funding were established by the Executive and P MacDougall drafted a Policy
      1. Motion: The BC/Yukon Regional Executive adopts the draft policy on Regional funding to assist member participation in geographically large Branches m/s – carried
        • Final attached
      2. Action: K Hall to post policy to the website
  1. 2020 Regional Council
      1. Speaker and purchase of books (R MacDonald) – Carry forward
      2. Entertainment – for all to consider
      3. D Jones has agreed to Chair and P Mantler will be the Parliamentarian
  2. Policy on PIPSC AGM delegate selection (P MacDougall)
      1. The Executive agreed that the current formula was working and that previous debate at Council continued to lead to the same formula
      2. P MacDougall drafted a Policy for Executive Consideration
      3. Motion: The BC/Yukon Region Executive adopts the draft policy on Process for the Allocation of Regional Delegates to the National AGM m/s -carried
        • Final attached
      4. Action: K Hall to post policy to the website
  3. BC & Yukon Federations of Laour update (K Hall and R MacDonald)
    • Action: K Hall and R MacDonald to arrange to meet with the president of the BC Fed
    • Action:  R MacDonald is presenting funding memo to Board of Directors
    • Bring Forward to Future Agenda:  Bring Forward to February
  4. Awards
      1. Bring Forward to Future Agenda:  Bring Forward to February
      1. Action: K Hall to send Executive information on awards


  1. Regional Director Report   (R. MacDonald)
  • Motion:  Regional Executive accepts the Regional Director Report October 15 to December 4, 2019  M/S–carried
  • Report is attached


  1. Office/Staff Report (E McLean)
  • Motion: Regional Executive accepts the Office Report m/s – Carried
  • Reminder that all actions requiring the Regional Office should be sent to Shira and Ernie


  1.  Financial Report  (P. MacDougall)
  • Motion: Regional Executive accepts the verbal Financial Report m/s -carried


  1. Regional Training Committee Report (P MacDougall)
  1. Motion: Regional Executive accepts the verbal Training Committee Report m/s – carried
  2. Action: P MacDougall to send TEC Minutes to the Regional Executive
  3. C Cahoon to attend the December 16 National TEC



  1. National Initiatives
  1. Better Together (P Mantler/R MacDonald)
    • Lunch and Learns
      • Discussion on future locations occurred
      • Motion: The Regional Executive supports the use of up to $1000 of Regional Funds to support Regional Executive participation in Better Together Outreach . m/s -carried
      • Action: R MacDonald to seek Better Together Funding to cover remaining costs
      • Action: R MacDonald to provide K Hall a list of locations and Regional Exec members who have committed
      • Action: Each team is to coordinate timing and participation
    • Surveys (K Hall
      • Bring Forward to Future Agenda: February Meeting
  2. PIPSC 100th anniversary (Feb 6th, 2020 Reg Ex Meeting and reception)
    • Motion: The Regional Executive supports an increase in funding up to an amount of $5400, if required to support the February 6th PIPSC 100th Anniversary Reception.  m/s -carried
    • It is expected that the 100th Anniversary Fund will partially or fully fund these events
    • R MacDonald asked the Executive to also consider hosting a reception on the Thursday night prior to Steward Council to engage members located in Victoria
      • Regional Executive supported this
      • Action: R MacDonald to pursue funding for this event
      • Action: R MacDonald to order 50 mugs and ask about 100th Anniversary pins
  3. Legacy Fund (K Antao)
    • Discussion occurred on how to proceed in the upcoming year; it was agreed to reduce fundraising at all regional events


  1. New Business
  1. Specialized leadership training of executive and Better Together Stewards with Christina Nikiforuk at Steward Council
      1. General consensus to support
      2. Motion:  The BC/Yukon Regional Executive supports a 1/2 day Leadership training session prior to Steward Council 2020, for Regional Executive and Better Together Stewards for a cost of up to $4500. m/s – carried
      3. Action: R MacDonald to seek Better Together Funding to support this event
  2. Corporate Calendar (R MacDonald)
      • Calendar was provided by email prior to the meeting
      • Supported with no comments
      • Action:  R MacDonald to send for posting and distribution
  3. CLC Convention (R MacDonald)
      • R MacDonald looking for 2 delegates (He has 4 names)
      • request to provide an email stating interest
  4. CLC School
      • Reminder about submission of application deadline



  1. Next Meeting(s)
    • Thursday February 6th Vancouver
    • Tuesday, April 14 (afternoon) and Wednesday April 15 (morning)  2020 Victoria
      • Bring Forward to Future Agenda: A motion to support funding a reception
    • Thursday, May 28 2020 Burnaby



  1. Adjournment @   14:10 m/s- carried




P5. Regional funding to assist member

participation in geographically large



a. To assist branch participation by members who live and work a large distance

from the meeting location the region may make available funds to assist in the

travel costs for a member to attend their Branch AGM under this policy subject to

the following conditions and limitations:

b. Funding will be limited by the available resources in the Regional finances at the

time of the request.

c. Only one member per Branch may be funded by the region.

d. To be eligible for these funds the member involved must be travelling from more

than 100 Kilometres from the meeting location.

e. Regional funding will only be provided to cover travel expenses of the member.

No funding shall be provided through Regional funds for salary replacement.

f. Regional funding will only be provided for the attendance of any specific member

once in any three-year period.




P4. Process for the Allocation of Regional Delegates to the national AGM


a. Under Pipsc Bylaws, Regions will select their delegates to the AGM.  To encourage a fair and diverse participation the Region will allocate the Regional delegates to the Branches in the Region using the following process:

b. National PIPSC will allocate a number of delegates to the Region based on the population counts as of December 31st of the prior year.

c. The Region will take the population of our Region and divide it by the number of delegates allocated to the Region to set a number of members each delegate represents.

d. We will then divide the population of each Branch by that number and round up all the Branches with a number of less than one up to a full delegate and all remaining Branches will be rounded down.

e. If there are any remaining delegates to be allocated, they will be allocated to the higher remainders from the allocation formula. 

f. In the off chance that the first calculation results in more delegates than the Regional allocation allows, the Region will remove one delegate from each of the highest populated Branches in descending order until total delegates allocated to the Branches is equal to the number of delegates allocated to the Region.

g. If the application of the above steps results in an absurd result the Regional Executive reserves the right to override this policy and use a different method to allocate the delegate spots in a fairer manner.




Regional Director’s Report – December 5, 2019 – Regional Executive Meeting

Home of the PIPSC’s Legacy Cup! 

Period: October 15, 2019 – December 4, 2019

Congratulations BC/Yukon – Winners (again) of the 2019 PIPSC Legacy Cup

It must be true…the BC/Yukon Region is the “Home of the PIPSC’s Legacy Cup”!  

For the third time in five years, our Region has won the prestigious Legacy Cup.   This winning record is a true reflection of the incredible generosity of the members in the BC/Yukon Region, who each year continue to contribute to this worthy cause.  Big shout out to Ken Antao, our regional Legacy Champion, and his team for all their time, efforts and dedication! 

More information on the Legacy Cup, PIPSC Legacy Foundation and scholarship winners can found at Now, can we become the first Region to win three in row in 2020?  Please keep giving to the Legacy Fund!  


As we all know, the October federal election saw a Liberal minority government.  This result should be interesting, but reinforces the need for PIPSC to continue with its successful government relations efforts.  Stay tuned for information on our 2020 PIPSC Lobby Day on Parliament Hill. 

In November PIPSC held its 100th Annual General Meeting.  A full review can be found on the PIPSC website.  Of particular interest are the member survey results (overall members’ satisfaction with PIPSC has greatly increased) presented by David Coletto and the inspiring keynote by CLC President, Hassan Yussuff:


We have a new BC/Yukon Region Logo!  Please contact our Regional Office if you would like an electronic version to use with your promotional items. The logo can be found on our web page:  

Since the October report, the Region held another extremely successful Steward Council and Young Professional Forum in Victoria, BC.   We had our highest Steward participation rate, over the past 10 years, at this year’s Council. The November Basic Steward Training saw 24 new stewards successfully complete their training!  This was our highest attendance numbers in the past five years. We are seeing some great growth in member engagement and participation in the Region!  

As always, members are encouraged to plan events in their own workplace.  A 2020 BC/Yukon Region Key Activities Calendar will be posted shortly on our regional web page.  

National / Board Initiatives

Pursuant to the Board mandate letters, and additional assignments, my focus over this last period has included: 

  • Professionals Canada – Task Force Co-Chair:   This motion was not adopted at the AGM. Unfortunately, this brings an end to my work on this initiative. 
  • Chair, Executive Compensation Committee (ECC):  The ECC will be proposing a board self-assessment program at the December BOD meeting.   Next ECC meeting is in January. 
  • Board Orientation:  A proposal for Board Governance Workshops is being prepared.     
  • Governance:  Continuing work in the development of governance documents for the bargaining agents (BA) at the National Joint Council (NJC). 
  • Innovation / Building Trust / Life Insurance Trust:  No significant matters addressed during this period.  

Let me know if you have any questions or comments on my Board appointments (elected) and the specific portfolios assigned by the President / CEO.   The Board mandates are on the PIPSC website. 

Events Attended


  • Regional Meetings / Events / Calls
    • Regional Executive Meeting – Oct. 17 & 18
    • Young Professionals Forum – October 18
    • Steward Council – October 18 & 19
    • BCFNHA Group Conference Call – October 22
    • Summerland (Okanagan) Lunch & Learn – October 23
    • Victoria Branch AGM – October 24
    • Okanagan Branch AGM – September 25
    • CFIA-VM Sub Group AGM – October 30
    • RCMP CS Lunch & Learn – October 31
    • Regional Office Meeting – November 19
    • BCFNHA AGM – November 19
    • Labour Presentation @ KPU – Nov. 21
    • Presentation @ Basic Training – Nov.  21
    • Vancouver Branch AGM – November 25
    • Victoria CRA Branch AGM – November 26
    • FV RMG Chapter Mtg. – Nov. 28
    • Van. Island RMG Chapter AGM – Dec. 4
  • Board Meetings / National Events / Calls:
    • Advisory Council (PC)  – October 26
    • NJC (BA) - Governance Meeting – October 30, November 20 & 28
    • Board of Directors – November 6
    • PIPSC Annual General Meeting – November 8 & 9


If you have any questions or would like additional information, please feel free to contact me at 236-888-8739 or .

In Solidarity


Robert K. MacDonald, B.A., MRM


Director, BC/Yukon Region