Fellow members in British Columbia,

As you know, over the next few weeks British Columbia will hold a referendum to determine which electoral system should be used in its provincial elections – First Past the Post (FPTP), as is currently the case, or a form of Proportional Representation (PR).  

Whether you support FPTP or PR electoral systems, please carefully review the voting package you will be receiving by postal mail from Elections BC in the days ahead. It will provide you with the information you need to make an informed choice. You can also visit elections.bc.ca to learn more about the referendum and the voting alternatives you are being presented with.

This is an important issue that may well have an impact on other jurisdictions across Canada, so I encourage you to participate in the referendum and to express your preference this November.

PIPSC is a member of Fair Vote Canada, a non-partisan organization dedicated to the promotion of Proportional Representation voting systems. As a supporter of Fair Vote Canada, we strongly encourage you to support change and vote for Proportional Representation during the referendum.

Better Together!

Steve Hindle,