Steward of the Year


In the BC/Yukon Region there are currently three awards presented: Executive of the year, Steward of the Year, and Steward of Distinction.

As of 2011 there has been an Awards Committee established to maintain transparency and fairness to the selection of recipients of these awards. This committee consists of a previous award winner, a President of a Branch, and a member of the Regional Executive. This committee will assess and validate the nominated members. They can consult with the nominators, EROs, fellow workers, etc to assist in their decision making. A ranked list of potential award recipients will be submitted to the Regional Executive for final selection.

Stewards of Distinction will normally be chosen from the nominations of the Steward of Year.


  • all stewards in the BC/Yukon Region
  • only stewards in good standing
  • actively performing duties of steward for minimum of 2 years
  • currently a steward
  • willing to accept award
  • Steward of the Year award is a once in lifetime of a member
  • Steward of Distinction may be awarded more than once in lifetime of member
  • nominations may come from membership and ERO

Deadline for submission for nominations is December 31 2021.

Any submissions received after this date will be forwarded to the next year.

See Nomination Form

The Steward of the Year and Stewards of Distinction awards will be presented at the Steward Council dinner. The Steward of Distinction award will consist of a plaque for the winner to take home. The Steward of Year will have name plate placed on perpetual plaque that lives in the Vancouver office, and a gift valued at $200.00.

Pursuant to PIPSC policy an award will not be awarded if, in the opinion of the Awards Committee, no submission worthy of an award has been received.


Carl Cahoon

BC/Yukon Region Awards Committee Chair