Meeting Minutes

BC/Yukon Region - Regional Executive 

May 30th , 2019   9:00am to 5:00 pm





Phil Mantler (Chair)

Karen Hall (Secretary) by Teleconference

Ken Antao (Member at Large)

Robert MacDonald (Regional Director)

Pete MacDougall (Treasurer, Training Committee - Chair)

Adele McLean (Member at Large)



John Ehinger



Liz Oliphant (Member at Large)

Carl Cahoon (Vice Chair, Awards Committee - Chair)




Meeting called to order –  9:05


  1. Approval of Agenda  (All)
  • Motion to approve the agenda
      • m/s - carried


  1. Approval of Previous Minutes (All)
  • Motion to approve the April 8
    • m/s - carried


  1. Business Arising from  Feb 7th 2019 (All)
  • Recruitment Video to be on next Regional Training Committee Meeting 
    • R MacDonald has reached out to various vendors and will bring the name back to the executive; A McLean has also looked at options
    • Action: A McLean, K Antao, and R MacDonald will connect back in the next few weeks
  • Adding Young Professionals as delegates to Regional Council, to be appointed by Reg Exec
    • Challenge due to the need to change the bylaws
    • Action:  P MacDougall to develop bylaw wording for consideration for a resolution for Council (competed)
  • 3 Year Strategic Plan follow-up
    • K Hall to send an email to Branch Presidents about May Day vs Labour Day support; include information on $500 for visibility vs holiday party (completed)
    • Activity calendar has been posted
    • Reminder to sign the Do Better pledge
  • Regional & Steward Council Entertainment/Chair/Parliamentarian
    • Action: P Mantler to put out a call for Chair and Parliamentarian (completed)
    • A McLean has suggested our Regional Council charity by PADs
    • We will host a trivia night at Regional Council
    • We will have various elected officials and staff present for  Regional Council with a focus on the election


  • 2020/2021 PIPSC Budget Exercise
    • P MacDougall has submitted numbers
    • Adjustment to training in December – will be 2 days of training
    • Motion: Regional Executive supports the purchase of visibility scrubs for our Yukon Hospital members at a cost of $1750.  m/s – carried
      • Action: R MacDonald to coordinate with Better Together (completed)
    • Action: R MacDonald to look further into budget allocation


  1. Regional Director Report   (R. MacDonald)
  • Motion to accept the Regional Director Report Feb7th to April 7th 2019;  M/S–carried
  • Report is attached
    • Work has been ongoing with the BC First Nations Health Authority; PIPSC is looking to hold a separate Steward Basic Training for this group in the fall
    • Short discussion on Phoenix settlement and announcements around bargaining
    • AGM and delegate spots: delegates from Ottawa will be encouraged to stay home vs at the hotel with travel coverage
    • R MacDonald has sent out an expression of interest to the engaged young workers for executive positions


  1. Office/Staff Report (E. Enhinger)
  • Verbal report was provided m/s - Carried
  • J Enhinger has been hired on as an indeterminate
  • H Mahil will be taking on the Team Leader position
  • Reports were provided by each ERO


  1.  Financial Report  (P. MacDougall)
  • Financial Report received verbally
    • m/s to receive – carried
  • Receipts have been submitted for the Yukon Hospital Scrubs and for the glasses
  • North Central Vancouver Island sent an invoice vs a request for funds for last years offer of visibility items
    • Motion: Executive agrees to reimburse North Central Vancouver Island Branch for the cost of $500. m/s – carried
    • Action: P MacDougall will provide a cheque to the Branch
  • R MacDonald has requested fund for entertainment for Steward Council; P MacDougall feels that there is a sufficient budget for this event already to cover this event


  1. Regional Training Committee Report (P MacDougall)
    • Verbal Report Provided m/s - carried


  1. National Initiatives
  1. Better Together (P Mantler/R MacDonald)
    •  PIPSC is a sponsor for the Aboriginal Day in Whitehorse on June 20th; BT funding has been utilized
      • Have invited other unions to share our tent; will have a water bottle filling station; water bottles to give out and a member will be interviewed on stage
      • Not as many Better Together funding requests because of the Do Better campaign
    • Prince George is still on the radar for an event
  2. PIPSC 100th anniversary (Feb 6th, 2020 Reg Ex Meeting and reception)
      • Digitizing is currently on hold
        • Executive have agreed to have regional exec meeting during the day and will host a reception for the evening
        • Room has been booked within 401 Georgia outside of the PIPSC Office
        • Discussion about handouts, etc for the event to be in September
  3. Legacy Fund (K Antao)
    • K Antao provided executive posters to be used for upcoming year and spoke to plan for the region


  1. New Business
  1. Awards Committee Recommendation
    • Motion: Regional Executive endorses the recommendation of the Awards Committee for Richard Winder for Executive of the Year.  m/s – carried
      • It will be presented in the fall at Steward Council
      • Action: C Cahoon to contact Richard to invite him to the Steward Council
  2. Regional Council update – (R. MacDonald)
    • Agenda was reviewed in detail
  3. Reception for Training session participants (December 6 2019)
    • Regional Executive will hold a meeting on 5th
      • Motion: Regional Executive will host a reception for the delegates of the December training on Friday, December 6th 2019 for a cost of $750.  m/s - carried
  4. Member Engagement Conference
    • Executive reviewed proposal presented by R MacDonald
  5. Steward Council
    • R MacDonald gave an overview of the direction he is planning for currently
      • Action: A McLean will research a visibility item


  1. Next Meeting(s)
    • Sept 17/18 – Lunch and learn on Tuesday and Regional Exec meeting on the Wednesday with a possible lunch and/or evening event (Chilliwack/Agassiz)
    • Thursday October 17th pm and 18th am Victoria
    • Thursday December 5th Vancouver
    • Thursday February 6th Vancouver



  1. Adjournment @   14:10






Regional Director’s Report – May 30, 2019 – Regional Executive Meeting

Home of the PIPSC’s Legacy Cup!

Period: April 8, 2019 – May 29, 2019

Phoenix - Huge news!  

PIPSC has reached a settlement with Treasury Board that provides compensation for all PIPSC members!  This agreement provides a number of features for both those significantly impacted by Phoenix and additional leave for everyone impacted by Phoenix.  Check out the recently added FAQs on the Phoenix Settlement on the website: .

As you know, PIPSC continues to fight to ensure the current Phoenix is stabilized, as well as the speedy implementation of its replacement (NextGen).  


Over the past couple of months, we have been continuing our efforts on our Regional Member Outreach Initiative.  With events already completed in both Kamloops and Prince Rupert in 2019, we have already seen five new stewards sign up in these two communities (previously we had no stewards in either spots!).  Additional events are being scheduled for Whitehorse, Prince George and the Fraser Valley.

Member are encouraged to plan events in their own workplace.  Check out our ‘Do Better’ campaign. .

The 2019 BC/Yukon Region Key Activities Calendar has been posted on our regional web page: .


In addition to regular Board duties, my recent efforts have been focused on the Professional Canada, as a co-chair of the Task Force, and in assisting with consultations.  The Task Force is reviewing the results of consultation (approximately 158 questions/comments) and is currently working with staff on preparing a report and recommendations for the AC/BOD (to be presented in August) and the 2019 National Annual General Meeting.  This has been an interesting process of examining innovation and changes in the labour movement.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments on my Board appointments (elected) and the specific portfolios assigned by the President / CEO.   The Board mandates can be found on the PIPSC website.


Board Initiatives

Pursuant to the Board mandate letters, my focus over this last period has included:

  • Chair, Executive Compensation Committee (ECC):  The Board will be receiving its ECC Governance Training in June.   A training package has been put together in conjunction with the Institute on Governance (IOG) in Ottawa.
  • Board Orientation: A Board Orientation Reference Document has been completed.  An Orientation / Training framework is being developed.    
  • Innovation: Currently, preparing an outline and work plan.  
  • Professional Canada: Task Force meetings in April and May.  Additional consultations with the RE Group.
  • Governance:  No action during this period.
  • Building Trust: Two conference call meetings to examine proposals/offers from prospective new tenants at 250 Tremblay.  Good news in this area as we are almost full!
  • Life Insurance Trust: No action during this period.

Events Attended

  • Regional Executive Meetings / Events:
    • Regional Executive Meeting – April 8
  • Regional Meetings / Events / Conference Calls:
    • Prince Rupert Lunch and Learn – April 8
    • Advanced Training School Dinner Presentation – April 12
    • Regional Office Meetings – April 23 & May 21
    • Vancouver RMG Chapter AGM – April 30
    • NCVI Branch AGM – May 1
    • Fraser Valley RMG Chapter AGM – May 6
    • Basic Training Dinner Presentation – May 10
    • Vancouver Branch Movie Morning Presentation – May 25
    • Vancouver SP Sub Group Meeting – May 29
  • Board Meetings / National Events:
    • Professional Canada Task Force Meeting – April 10 & 11
    • Building Trust Meeting (Conference Call) – April 17
    • Board of Directors Meeting – April 26 & 27
    • RE Group AGM – May 3
    • RE Group SG Presidents Meeting / PC Consultation – May 4
    • Professional Canada Task Force Meeting – May 8 & 9
    • RPIC Forum on the Workplace – May 14 & 15
    • Special Board of Directors Meeting / Advisory Council  – February 16

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please feel free to contact me at 236-888-8739 or .

Time to make a difference!  Check out: .

In Solidarity


Robert K. MacDonald, B.A., MRM


Director, BC/Yukon Region