Draft Meeting Minutes

BC/Yukon Region - Regional Executive 

Wednesday, April 11th 2018  Scheduled 9 pm - 5 pm

Victoria Delta Ocean Pointe Resort and Spa


Phil Mantler (Chair)

Karen Hall (Secretary)

Carl Cahoon (Vice Chair, Awards Committee - Chair)

Pete MacDougall (Treasurer, Training Committee - Chair)

Ken Antao (Member at Large)

Pierre Charpentier (Member at Large)

Adele McLean (Member at Large)

Robert MacDonald (Regional Director)


Ernie McLean


Meeting called to order – 9:00 am

1.    Approval of Agenda  (All)
•    Motion to approve the agenda
m/s - carried

2.    Approval of Previous Minutes (All)
•    Motion to approve the February 17th, 2018 Minutes   
M/S – approved by consensus

3.    Business Arising from Feb 17th  Minutes  (All)
•    Please refer to Summary of Action Items from February 17th Minutes
•    All Items were deemed completed or carried forward into the agenda

4.    Regional Director Report   (R. MacDonald)
•    Motion to accept the Regional Director Report February 17th 2017 to April 10thth 2018;  M/S–carried  Report is attached
•    No update at this time on the Youth Forum

5.    Financial Report  (P. MacDougall)
•    P MacDougall to provide updated financial report
•    Budget Presented
•    Minor changes will be made and approved via email

6.    Regional Training Committee Report (P MacDougall)
•    Verbal summary provided on National initiatives
•    Discussion on Recruitment Video to still be discussed by this committee

7.    National Initiatives
a)    Legacy Fund (K Antao)
•    K Antao brought proposal and will proceed with appropriate gaming license to support fundraising
b)    100th Anniversary (P Charpentier)
•    R MacDonald to take book to digitizer
c)    Better Together (P Mantler)
•    Funding received to create regional tools based on focus groups of stewards
•    Two more calls to occur and looking at how to mentor new stewards
d)    Government Relations (A McLean)
•    Will work with Rob for a Lobby session for Steward Council

8.    New Business
a)    2018 Steward Council
b)    Membership in BC Federal of Labour (K Hall)
•    This task has not been completed but K Hall will try to have something for Regional Council
c)    Selection of Criteria for observer to PIPSC AGM (All)
•    Summary provided of planning meeting and the discussion of the Strategic Plan
•    Committee selection criteria being looked at
d)    Recruitment Video for stewards (P. MacDougall)
•    Carry forward to next Training Committee Meeting
e)    Logo (P Charpentier)
•    Process to be circulated for approval for delivery at Regional Council

9.    Next Meeting(s)
•    Thursday, May 31st, 2018 1 – 5 (Whistler)
•    August by phone (TBD)

10.    Adjournment @ 3:00 pm   m/s - carried

Regional Director’s Report – April 11, 2018 – Regional Executive Meeting

Period: February 17, 2018 – April 10, 2018

Board Initiatives

Pursuant to the board mandate letters, my focus over this last period has included:

  • Chair, Executive Compensation Committee:  
    • The ECC has completed the Triennial Review for the President and Vice-Presidents.   This review followed the compensation philosophy in the Policy on President and Vice Presidents, and was both comprehensive and evidence based.  The results will be presented at the April BOD meeting and will take effect for the next election cycle (2019-21). 
  • Board Liaison, Science Advisory Committee and Science:
    • Efforts continue on the BOD approved 3-Year Strategic Plan.  PIPSC successfully unveiled its first two science reports included “Defrosting Science” (follow-up to the Big Chill) and “Women in Science (WIS)”, which was released on International Women’s Day, March 8th.   As well, over this period, significant effort has gone into the development of the joint PIPSC / TB Model Policy on Scientific Integrity (SI).  We will see several more releases and announcements throughout 2018.  http://www.pipsc.ca/news-issues/scientific-integrity
  • Assist in the delivery of the key results area of “Model Organization” in areas of governance and strategy planning for the Institute:
    • At the April BOD meeting I will be presenting, on behalf of the ECC, a memorandum on the ‘Authority of the Executive Committee (EC)’.  This memo consisted of a review and analysis of the EC’s authority and identified eight recommendations to improve its effectiveness, efficiency and accountability.

Information on the Phoenix Crisis can be found on our website www.pipsc.ca   Members impacted should follow the instructions on the website.  Let me know if you have concerns (contact info below).

Planning is well underway for our Regional Council in Whistler from June 1 – 2, 2018 – information will soon be found on our virtual binder - and our Steward Council in Burnaby from October 19-20 (stewards, mark this in your calendar).   As well, check-out our regional page on the website for other information on training and events.  http://www.pipsc.ca/regions/bc-yukon

Finally, I would like to again encourage you to become involved in your union – as a steward, an executive member, or an activist.   Make sure you complete your bargaining surveys as they directly feed into the next round of bargaining.  Also don’t forget the power of conversation - members are our best advocates when changing the conversation with family, friends and neighbours.

As always, let me know if you would like to assist in organizing any Better Together Initiatives or our upcoming Regional Events.  

Events Attended

  • Regional Executive Meetings / Events:
    • Regional Executive Meeting – February 17
  • Regional Meetings / Events / Conference Calls:
    • BCFNHA Group Meeting – February 16
    • Victoria SP Sub Group AGM – February 23
    • SH RCMP Bargaining Meeting – March 13
    • Lunch & Learn – Agassiz – March 15
    • BT Steward Focus Group – April 4
    • Vancouver Branch Executive Meeting – April 10
  • Board Meetings / National Events:
    • Special General Meeting – March 1
    • Board of Directors Meeting – March 2  & 3
    • Group Life Insurance Trust Meeting – March 5
    • Transport Canada Consultation Team Meeting – March 9
    • Science Advisory Committee – March 10
    • Executive Compensation Committee Meetings – April 3

If you have any questions or would like additional information please feel free to contact me at 236-888-8739 or robertmacdonald@pipsc.ca

In Solidarity


Robert K. MacDonald, B.A., MRM


Director, BC/Yukon Region