Meeting Minutes

BC/Yukon Region - Regional Executive 

March 9, 2021  18:30 – 21:30

 Video conference - Zoom



Phil Mantler (Chair)

Karen Hall (Secretary)

Ken Antao (Member at Large)

Robert MacDonald (Regional Director)

Pete MacDougall (Treasurer, Training Committee - Chair)

Philip Tam (Member at Large)

Carl Cahoon (Vice Chair, Awards Committee - Chair)





Kris Hawkins



Meeting called to order –  18:37


  1. Approval of Agenda  (All)
      • Motion to approve the agenda  m/s - carried


  1. Approval of Previous Minutes (All)
    1. January 21, 2021
      • Motion Regional Executive accepts the minutes as amended - m/s -carried


  1. Business Arising (All)
    1. Steward Recruitment in a virtual world – (R. MacDonald)
      • Bring Forward to May 2021 Meeting
    2. 2021 Regional Council
      • Meeting Date: May 29 2021
      • Discussion on draft streamlined agenda
      • Action: R MacDonald to further refine procedures and send around to Regional Executive and advise Branch Presidents prior to Council of the changes
      • There are multiple executive spaces that are up for election.  In accordance with the Bylaws, someone will need to come forward from the Vancouver and Victoria Branch
      • Action: Chair to send out a reminder to Branch Presidents about upcoming elections
      • On May 11th, Reg Exec will do a run through of the Regional Council as a part of the normal executive meeting – Chair, Parliamentarian, and potentially members of the election committee will participate along staff from RO and  IT (Ottawa)
      • Discussion occurred on visibility items: BC/Yukon Zoom background?
      • At Regional Council we generally support a charity – it was decided to put this on hold
      • We have the ability to bring on additional delegates as per our bylaw
        • Pros and cons from individual perspectives were shared
        • The Regional Executive did not support the additional invites for this online Council
    3. Regional Executive Activities for 2021
  • Will hold off until we know more this fall
    1. AGM Resumption
  • All delegates will have gotten email about resumption on April 10.
  • Time of the AGM does not respect the BC/Yukon Time zone (7 am PST start)
  • Director MacDonald confirmed he has expressed the Region’s extreme disappointment over this inappropriate start time.


  1. Regional Director Report   (R. MacDonald)
    1. Motion:  Regional Executive accepts the Regional Director Report January 11 – March 8    2021  M/S - carried
      • Report will be posted separately from these minutes


  1.  Office Staff Report  (provided via Chair)
      • Report provided by email and read by R MacDonald
      • Motion: Regional Executive accepts the verbal Staff Report m/s – carried


  1. Financial Report  (P. MacDougall)
    1. Motion: Regional Executive accepts the Financial Report m/s – carried
    2. Treasurer will provide updated Financial Report for Council at the May meeting for approval and distribution to Council delegates.


  1. Regional Training Committee Report (P MacDougall)
    1. Motion: Regional Executive accepts the verbal Training Report m/s – carried


  1. National Initiatives
    1. A Spring 2021 rollout of EWSP seems to be delayed
    2. “Me too Clause”
      • Short discussion on email sent out by the President
  2. New Business
    1. Tree Planting
      • Meetings have occurred with Tree Canada
      • Nothing will happen before June due to the suspension of in person meetings/events in PIPSC – more likely in the fall
      • June 15th is a cut off day for proceeding this year
      • Preference was for a weekend event that family could attend.  Also could be scheduled as a Labour Day Event
    2. Awards
      • Carl and Philip T to follow up off-line on various next steps/actions.
  3. Next Meeting(s)
    1. Pre Regional Council Meeting – day time meeting (May 11th  9 - 5)


  1. Adjournment @  19:42 m/s- carried